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PathtoMom is India’s first serious effort to provide information on pregnancy and parenting. The site reaches out to more than 1 million moms across India and other geographies with significant Indian population through social media channels.

The journey of starting a family is exciting but may have a few challenges. PathtoMom is your best friend that will hold your hand throughout the journey of motherhood. We offer moms and would-be moms our sincerest wishes for this wonderful journey.

In the journey, PathtoMom will help you with information on pregnancy, parenting and/or marriage. Our mission is to get together people from different walks of like parents, educators, doctors, counsellors, etc.

We understand that every mother is different. And that is why we have a highly qualified team of subject matter experts and editors who spend hours coming up with authentic content that speaks to you. No topic is off limits for us. We cover issues related to Getting Pregnant, Pre and Post Pregnancy, and continue the journey of parenthood by defining different stages of childhood like Baby, Toddler, Kid, Teen, etc.

Our network of ‘mom’ readers continuously drives us to improve each day as we try to reach out to more moms and expand this unique community.

Here’s What Our Lovely Readers Have To Say About Pathtomom:

Isha Bansal: Path to mom is the journey right from the day a child enters moms womb until her death, which only a mom can understand.

Deeparaghav Sharma: Path to mom: According to me, it’s a way how a mother sees her kids growing and grooming day by day. It’s the way that a mother teaches her kids to make their future bright and to make them a responsible person.

Geeta Sant Singla: Aurat! Pehle ladki, apni maa ki chaaya mein, phir wife, phir Maa. Yeh jiwan bus bachon ko samerpit ker deti hai. Isse aap kya journey kahenge? Yeh to poora jiwan hai jo ek maa ki chatterchaaya se shuru ho ker maa ban ker apna saara jiwan bachon ko palna, sanskaari bunana, phir life mein settle karna or hamesha oonki khushiyon ki kamna kerte khatam ho jaana. Shayad yahi ek maa ka jiwan hoga, an endless journey.

Shanta Singh: Journey of a mother with her child!

Chitrangada Gautam: Journey of a woman from wife to mom!

Manjari Sinha: Journey of a pregnant girl-wifey to become a mother.

Manisha Sharma: Path of a mother –
From asking for food from mother to feeding your own kid.
From fighting for unnecessary demands to telling people about limiting their demands.
From making faces to see and smile your own junior version making faces.
From sleeping unnecessarily to waking up whole nights to take care of the little one.
From heels to flats, from perfect figure to a swollen body, from beauty kits to baby care kits, and so many more cute changes.
And most of all – From calling “maa” to be heard “mumma”.

Ankita Gaur Katna: Path to mom is a journey, book of learning from the day a woman conceives. Each day a new page I get to explore, with the tantrums and lovely hugs. Just loving this path!

Divya Jain: माँ की बेटी से स्वयं माँ बनने का रास्ता (path).

Shikhaagrawal Gupta: Path to mom is the path of every woman to ‘motherhood.’ Every child is unique so the path of no two mothers can be compared. But the compassion in their heart for her child is the same. Do not judge any mother, as a mother knows what is best for her child. God couldn’t be everywhere so he made mothers. Path to mom is the celebration of ‘motherhood’ of the bond between mother and her child.

Bhavna Rathod: Path to mom means ek baby jo “ma ko janam deta ya deti hai! Baby ke janam ke pehle ek lady beti behan, bhabhi , biwi etc hoti hai, lekin ek baby hi lady ko padvi dilata hai that is “mom”.

Mitali Shah: Step by step journey of a lady, from the day her child enters her womb, to giving birth to the baby. From sleepless nights to taking care of kids, from supporting & disciplining her kids, to making them learn to face the world, from worrying day & night for kid’s safety, to live for the child day & night, from the day she dreams of seeing her kids settled in life, to the day she takes her last breath capturing her kids in her eyes. This beautiful journey is the Path to Mom.

Hema Valecha Kukreja: Maa word is very unique❤.
Mothers definitely play a huge part in our lives.
It’ll make her day every day.
1. MAA giving birth to you
2. ‘maa ‘ when you need her then sometimes taking for your side
3. Whenever you don’t want to do your homework, then she writes your work
4. She pushes you to be the best
5. She cooks your favourite meals
6. When you are scared of any insects then she kills that insect, only for u
7. She gives you all the support when you need her
8. Always trying to stay connected with you just for you
9. For all the sacrifices she has made only just for you
10. Forgives you, when you forget her special day, like birthday or anniversary
So path to mom is just a beautiful journey. So, always be respectful to your mom😊

Neeta Badlani: Path to Mom has been a unique experience in my life. After giving birth to my elder son, I have grown and matured along with him. Learned and made new dishes for both of my kids and when they both entered college, they encouraged me to start my studies. I did my course at the age of 41 yrs and started my own Preschool.
In a way, moms support the kids in their life, but in my case, both my sons have given a new meaning to my life, by supporting and helping to build one of the best Preschool of my city.
Thanks to both my Heart and Soul!

Rashmi Choudhary: Amazing experience with enjoying to past. I think this is a perfect explanation 😊

Anu Kapoor: The perfect path to mom

Meenu Sodhi: For me, the path to mom is the experiences of life we gather and how we feel about ourselves when we become. Mom is just mom not any path who gives blessings ND sacrifices her love without expecting anything from us.

Pratibha Singh: It means the relation between mom and there kids. Love, attachment, understanding, sharing, caring, and bonding. 

Jyoti Sood: इस दुनिया में हर प्रजाति में मां का अस्तित्व है।
माँ ही बच्चे को इस दुनिया में लाती है और पर उसका वास्तविक कार्य यहीं से शुरू होता है। यह लंबा , कठिन किंतु अत्यंत मनभावन रास्ता ( path) है।
एक सफल मां वही है जो अच्छे संस्कार और नैतिक मूल्य देकर बच्चे को सभ्य इनसान बनाती है । बाहरी दुनिया से अपने दम पर जूझना सिखाती है। कुम्हार की तरह ठोकती व थपथपाती है।
Path to mom is the path to Heaven!

Geeta Godhiwala: Ek beti ko Maa baanne ka Rasta, Pregnancy se leke bacche bade hote hai woh safar.

Aneeta Yatendra Varshney: Maa banane ka path, rasta or safar!

Anchal Sandeep Jindal: Journey of a woman from girl to motherhood. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts to a lady from God. And above all, it completes a woman.😊

Neha Shrivastava: Beti se maa banne tak ka safar!

Savi Amarnath Jaiswal: Path to mom means to give to a chance to mom and kids to show the love and care attachment, how much a mom does for her kids, etc. 

Shweta Jaiswal: A struggle full journey of Maa and birth a baby.
“ek atoot raasta maa aur bachhe ke jeevan ka”

Archana Agrawal: Amazing experience to enjoy the past. I think this is a perfect explanation 😊

Kavery Ashu Mittal: Pathtomom is not just a word it’s a great feeling to be a mom. A journey which starts with a girl, a daughter, a wife, and such a wonderful mom!
Being a mom I could understand my mom’s struggling experience. Thanks maa. Love you a lot!
I am really enjoying my motherhood.
Me with my kids = happiest part of my life 😍

Saiqa Moazzam: (माँ ) का कर्ज तो कोई नही चुका सकता (माँ ) तो दुनिया में सब से अजीम हस्ती होती है ये हमे तब समज में आता है जब हम खुद माँ बनती है तब हमे माँ की सभी कुर्बानियां समज में आती है जो उस ने हमारे लिये की होती है !!! इस लिये (माँ ) का दरजा सब से उंचा है क्यु की ( माँ ) के पेरों के निचे जन्नत होती है !!! ए दोस्तो माँ को देख कर मुस्कुरा लिया करो ,,, हर किसी की किस्मत में हज्ज नही होता,, ए माँ तुझे सलाम 😊❤❤❤❤❤
माँ बनना ही एक औरत के लिये ज़िन्दगी का पुरा सफर होता है 😘

Nilu Rastogi: Beautiful, amazing, struggleful journey of a mom which she shows to her children. How to struggle, learn moral values and many more things. But first to be a good citizen and after that all the things.

Priya Korjani: Maa means 2 ❤️ 1 jaan baccha problem me ho to maa ki ruh kaap uthti h ek ladli beti se maa bnne tak ka suffer jannat milne jaisa h bhgwan ka dusra naam maa h. In short, mom is wow path. 

Bhavneet Kaur: Journey of a woman from girl to motherhood, being a mother is one of the brilliant and infinite love gifts to ladies from God. Thanks to God & above all it completes a woman.
Motherhood is the memorable and speechlesss life given to us by God. 😊😊😊

Manju Rastogi Jain: Motherhood makes a woman strong, as a mother has unlimited love without any expectations for the children. In this beautiful relationship, the child also has unlimited blind faith in her mom throughout his life. This is a deep/decent relationship which no one else can understand. In all pains/suffering of a child, the word mother is the only healing word. Motherhood – childhood is a beautiful, wonderful, unbelievable & trustable relationship – no matter where you are, which community & world you belong.

Renu Chandratre: Sharing and caring thoughts of rearing a child in the womb and taking him into the world is not easy. Sharing each mom’s different experience while pregnancy and growing up a kid, depending upon the surroundings is the path to mom!

Binodini Mahapatra: A journey, a path of a female gender when she goes to became a mother until her last breath. Especially in human being, shadi se pehele panchhi ki tarah udne wali ladkiyan apni aapko kurban karke kaise apni bachon ke liye rat din ek karke etna kuchh karlete hen. Koi aur dusre ke liye? Maa honeka ehsas, wo khusi har dard ko bhula deti he, bachon ki ek muskurahat jo sukh deta hei wo maa hi jane. Maa banana ke liye path or way muskil hei phir bhi sab female ko manjur he. Iske bad har path aasan lagta hei. chhoti 2 baton par rone bali ladkiyan is path par chal kar lohe se bhi strong ban jate he. Thanks to god kitna kuch mushkil hone par bhi ye khusi di he. Yeh rasta mere jine ki rah ban gaya, aur aapki yeh website meri dil ki bat kholne ko sahara bana.

Shilpi Pawar: I have no words to say about PathtoMom because “maa” is a little word but it creates the whole world.

Monika Rastogi: As a child I never understood my mom’s anger, compelling me to do things on time, little arguments, but now as I am a mother of a 12 yr. old daughter, the same thing happens between us. I can now realize that it was my mother’s love, care, and affection, how much a mother sacrifices for her children. So this journey or Path of BEING A CHILD to BEING A MOM taught me so much about this wonderful relationship. So ‘Path to Mom’ is really incredible as it makes you love your mom more, understand your child better.

Kasak Diya: To explain the journey of mom and daughter that one can never forget in whole life.

Pammi Kaur: Mom is the shadow of Wow!

Neelima Ajit Chaudhary: Maa ka sthaan sabse upar hai. Usko ek shabd mein nahi banaya ja sakta hai. Kyunki Maa ki parchai hoti hai uska baccha. Jaise ki mai apne maa ki parchai hoon aur meri parchai mera baccha. Maa apni khushi se pehle bache ke baare mein sochti hai. Apne bache ke bhavishya ke baare mein sabse accha karne ki koshish karti hai. Mere shabdo mein maa athulya hi, aur Maa Ke liye uska baccha 🌹🌷😍😍🙌🙏🙏🙏 I respect all mothers.

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