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Baby Constipation

Baby Constipation

If you are a parent, then a situation like this might not always bring you a pleasant experience. Apart from watching your baby to do all sort of activities like laughing, baby hiccups, crying out, and so on, some signs of activities can turn out to bring the difficulty back in the zone. These difficulties can sometimes be even difficult to detect.

Over the entire course of the precious life of your baby, bowel movements can be a little overboard for you to handle. From every time to time, these signs can come up with the facts that your baby is suffering from constipation.

Well, baby constipation is a normal process that most newborn babies come across. However, constipation is not at all seen in breastfeeding babies. So, this article will give you all the details about baby constipation and different baby constipation home remedies as well as the ways to relieve constipation in an infant.

Baby Constipation

Baby Constipation

Baby constipation symptoms

These bunch of baby constipation symptoms will help you to identify and get hold of the issues related to baby constipation. Firstly, a baby who completely relies on breast milk is not likely to encounter bowel movements on an everyday basis. This is why the babies who are on breast milk never really go through constipation.

Formula-fed babies are the ones who go through at least three to four bowel movements in a daytime. Some of the baby constipation symptoms include the following.

Baby Constipation

Infrequent bowel movements

The total number of bowel movements that a child goes through fluctuates from time to time. This happens especially when they are given new food. So, if your baby is going for a few days without any bowel movement and also gets a hard stool, there are chances that they are experiencing constipation.


Straining is one of the baby constipation symptoms that is found out quite usually. It includes straining while they are doing their bowel movement. The stool of constipated babies is often clay like and hard.

Baby Constipation

Blood in the stool

If you end up finding streaks of bright blood in the stool of your kid, there are chances that your kid is trying too hard for his bowel movement which sadly isn’t happening. Pushing and even straining can result in serious damage and can end up causing tears around the walls of the baby’s anal.

Firm belly

The firm belly is another one of baby constipation symptoms. Bloating that comes from constipation often ends up making the stomach of the child stiff or full for some reason. Giving a proper massage also called, baby constipation massage helps in this case.

These are some of the baby constipation symptoms that you have to look for in case your toddler is going through the phase.

Baby constipation home remedies

Now that you find the baby constipation symptoms in your baby, you must look for some home remedies that will help to relieve constipation in an infant.

Baby Constipation

Here are some of the baby constipation home remedies that are going to perfectly work well for your baby.

Switch the milk

Try to be a lot flexible with your diet when your baby is breastfeeding. As mentioned, constipation in breastfed babies is comparatively less. Also, it might so happen that your baby is sensitive to any sort of food that you are having which is the primary reason behind them having constipation.

Sensitivity to other ingredients is what causes constipation in bottle-fed babies.

Baby Constipation

Take up solid food

There are few mentioned solid foods that result in baby constipation. However, there are a bunch of alternatives to keep that away. So, if it is recent that you started your baby off with solid food, then make sure to add these foods that are rich in fibre.

  • Pear
  • Prune
  • Apple with no skin
  • Peach
  • Broccoli

Replace puffed rice and even cereals with grains that are cooked like barley and quinoa. Whole-grain bread also does their work pretty well. Hence, adding up crackers and bread in your baby’s diet may help in reducing the baby constipation pressure.

Purred Foods

You can serve your baby the above-mentioned foods in purred form. Do it only if they are above six months and have not gone through their transition phase of solid foods. This will serve as the best replacement.


Gently offering massages in the stomach and lower areas of the abdomen will encourage a stimulation in the bowels. Make sure to offer a lot of messages throughout the day until and unless they experience a bowel movement.

These couple of baby constipation home remedies will help you getting hold of your baby’s constipation and might even end it as well.

Baby Constipation

Causes of baby constipation

Well, there are many reasons that contribute to baby constipation. Here are some of the causes behind baby constipation.

Solid transition

When a baby is changing its phase and switching to solid food, there are high chances for them to go through constipation. This is primarily because their digestive system is not really used to it and hence, needs time to adapt to the new diet.

Baby Constipation

Rice cereal – A little too much

As a first solid for baby, rice cereal is not often recommended. This is why rice cereal is not the first choice for solid food. This is because of their high console of arsenic and white rice. White rice is often known for being very low in nutritional value.

Incorrect formula

If your baby is bottle-fed and is going through constipation, then the idea to wipe off baby constipation is changing the formula, for one. Some babies don’t usually do well when they are given cow milk but goat milk do the wonder. This helps in increasing the bowel movements of the baby.

Baby Constipation


In the end, if none of this works out for your baby constipation, then consulting a doctor would be a bright thing to do. Give them regular baths too. Look for the baby constipation symptoms and consult your doctor if your baby is restless and is not eating well.

Apart from that, make sure to put a look at their diapers. In case, you find any sort of blood, make sure to consult the doctor immediately. Make sure to check for options that tell you about the well-being of your baby.

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