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Baby Development: 2-Year Old Baby

2 Year Old Development

2 Year Old Development, when your child reaches 20 months, he can already start showing the behaviour of terrible twos. At this stage, your child should still learn funny things, but it may be time to start learning about them as well. As a parent, you should focus on helping your child to interact with the world and help develop a bigger vocabulary, which will make it easier to communicate.

Babies will develop their own pace. But to determine any potential problem with your child’s development patterns there are some guidelines. Some of the 20 months of baby development can be as follows:

Body Growth – 2 Year Old Development

Baby’s height is dependent on his genes, but it also depends upon what he is absorbing. If your child is born prematurely, you may find that their growth patterns are different. These are the WHO child growth standards for a 20-month-old baby: the average height for boys is 84.2 cm, and for girls is 82.8 cm. The average weight for boys is 11.3 kg, and for girls is 10.7 kg.

Physical Development – 2 Year Old Development

Your toddler’s vision should have reached 20/20 by now which will make it easy for him to perform tasks which require coordination. He should be able to throw his head or stack blocks when playing. Encourage his interest in the things they see, by providing them with colourful toys or taking them for walks. This will teach them to be interested in and observe the world.

Behavior Development – 2 Year Old Development

At 20 months old, you may have already found some behaviours associated with the “terrible twos.” To combat some of these behaviours you should focus on how to express themselves properly and negative behaviours like hitting or biting. Toddlers do not have much impulse control, so it is important to teach them and make them learn how to fight this. You can also find that your toddler is a fan of the word “no” at this stage, so you will need to teach this word properly.

Communication Development – 2 Year Old Development

A 20-month-old baby’s communication skills will be developing rapidly at this time, so it is important to stop using “baby talk”. Start focusing on things and engaging in them.

How to take care of a 20-month old baby?

Properly feed your child

To help develop a 20-month-old baby, your child should drink 3-6 cups of liquid, which should include milk in addition to juice or water. You can continue breastfeeding in this situation but concentrate on presenting solid substances and allow your child to regulate how much milk they want to take from you.

You should give your child 2-3 snacks and three meals each day. Although your child is not worried about leaving the food, still he is learning to understand the sensations of hunger or fullness. Do not force your child to eat if he is not interested. But at the same time, let him eat all day without restriction. If it appears that your child is not eating, you can talk to your doctor about providing vitamins. Your child’s diet should consist of 4 serving dairy, 2 serving proteins, and 2 servings’ vegetables, 3 servings of fruits and 6 servings of cereals.

Understand Their Sleep Patterns

At this age, your child should sleep 13 to 14 hours each day. This usually involves sleep for 11 hours at night and a 2-hour nap of each day. Babies are very active, so you feel that putting off them to sleep for the night can be a fight, but making a soothing sleep routine can help with this. If you feel that your child is climbing out of his cot and catching you, then work to break this habit quickly, especially if you do not want to have a co-sleeping environment.

Set bedtime routines

Early onset of sleeping can help your child see it as a positive experience. In 20 months, you should encourage your child to come in his pyjamas and brush his teeth. They can take part in choosing a book to read or read a story. If they are familiar with the dialogue, they want to create noise or eliminate sentences, which can help them to learn to read later, so that they can burn extra energy so that they can sleep.

Pay attention to their hygiene and health

Most 20-month-old children are too small for toilet trains, but they will start closing their diapers. Do not encourage it, and work to teach them that they should not play with diapers. Your child may also get sick quickly because the sensors controlling the temperature in the brain are still evolving. If your child’s temperature increases, take them to a doctor immediately to prevent complications.

Understand their way of play and interaction

In the development of a 20-month-old child, you have to understand the way to play and talk. Children like to find their own entertainment at this age, but some excitement may be required. They should not require more than one schematic activity per day. So if they are taking a class or play-date, remember to keep the remaining days loose. This will help them start their own entertainment and encourage their creativity. If you talk to your child, then work to interact with them. Try to avoid improving the accent, because at this age children are sensitive to criticism. Girls develop languages more quickly than boys, so do not compare development points between the two.

Encourage Your Little Assistant to Your Child

You can find that your child wants to work with you or wants to do it yourself. Although they are not ready for many jobs. But still, you can provide them with work such as wiping spills on the table. This will allow them to participate and feel important. Toddlers prefer to do some work, so do not divide tasks into work or play. Always praise them when they work so that they are encouraged to continue this positive behaviour.

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Baby Development: 2-Year Old Baby
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Baby Development: 2-Year Old Baby
2 Year Old Development, when your child reaches 20 months, he can already start showing the behaviour of terrible twos. At this stage, your child should still learn funny things, but it may be time to start learning about them as well.
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