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Child’s Safety: Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

Child's Safety - Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

The priority of any parent is the child’s safety from any type of event or thing which can harm the baby. The child’s safety is in terms of medicines safety, water safety, safety from strangers, and many more. Let us see how to safeguard your children from accidental access to medicines.

Medicines are meant to help you feel better, they can also help in treating a medical condition. But if medicines are not taken correctly, they can be harmful. This is especially concerning children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 60,000 children go to the emergency room every year because they get medicines, while their parents were not present with them. This is why it is so important to stop your children from reaching your medicines.

Child’s safety: keep medicines or poisons out of their hands

Poisoning at home indicates products that can be detrimental or harmful to children. Learn how to properly store these products and what to do if your child accidentally swallows something.

The best way to keep your child’s safety is to keep all the medicines or poisons out of your child’s reach and sight. This includes over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, vitamins, doctor prescriptions, household cleaners such as disinfectants, bleach and dishwasher powder, garden chemicals such as pesticides etc. Home improvement products such as paint and polish, cosmetics, hair color, essential oils (like Eucalyptus oil) and other similar products. Alcohol mixed with perfume and mouthwash, small Battery and toxic plants in the home or garden.

Tips to keep your child away from poisons – child’s safety

There are other things that you can do, the following tips will help to keep your medicines or poisons away from the reach of your children.


Child's Safety - Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

  • All medicines – even those intended for children – can be dangerous if taken accidentally by others, even in small amounts. If your older children or teenagers manage their medicines, make sure they know about the safe storage of the medicine and follow family rules. And always monitor them and make sure they are taking proper doses.
  • Never tell a child that the medicine tastes like candy.
  • Never leave vitamin bottles, aspirin bottles or kitchen tables on countertops, bedside tables, or dresser tops. Children can decide to try to copy the adults and help themselves.
  • Never prepare or give any child medicines in the dark. You may give a wrong dose or wrong medication.
  • Be aware of all the medicines in your home.
  • Always keep pills and liquids in their original containers. Try to keep a record of how many pills are left in the prescription containers.

Cleaning products and other household chemicals

Child's Safety: Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

  • When you are cleaning or using household chemicals, do not leave the bottles or buckets anywhere or unattended, if any small child is present.
  • Keep dangerous motor vehicles and gardening products safely out of reach in the locked area. Make sure they are stored at the right temperature according to the package instructions.
  • Do not keep any cleaning material under dishwasher powder, liquid or pod sink or in an unlocked cabinet.

Child's Safety - Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

  • Store domestic cleaning products and aerosol spray in a high cabinet away from reach.
  • Do not keep cockroach powder or rat poisons on your home floor. Do not use insect spray on furniture or mattress.
  • Never store cleaning products in old soda bottles or containers which were ever used for storing food.


Child's Safety - Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

  • Food extracts like vanilla and almonds may contain alcohol and may also be harmful to children.
  • Keep mouthwash away from the reach of children, because many brands have a lot of alcohol.
  • Keep bottles of alcohol in a locked cabinet or almirah away from children’s reach.
  • Do not leave alcoholic beverages, where children can reach them. Take special care during parties – clean up immediately after the party.

Other items

Child's Safety: Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

  • Never leave cosmetics and toiletries within easy reach of children. Be especially careful with perfumes, hair dyes, hair sprayers, nails and shoe polish, and nail polish remover.
  • Keep kids away from houseplants and plants around your garden that can be poisonous. Either put plants out of reach or buy only plants that are non-poisonous.
  • Leave or discard the used cell batteries safely, and store any unused ones out of the sight or reach of children.

Child's Safety: Keep Medicines Or Poisons Out Of Their Hands

Precautions: child’s safety

If a child swallows any poison or medicine, then immediately calls one hundred two (102) for an ambulance. If the child is:

  • Sleepy or unconscious
  • Having trouble breathing
  • Very restless or excited
  • Touring

If the child is stable and there is no sign of illness, then call it on 011 26589391, 011 26593677 and toll-free number: 1800116117 (AIIMS) for the National Poison Information Center (24×7) as soon as possible. If possible, you should have a packaging of medicines or packaging while making a call, so that you have the information you need to have advice.

Do not make the child vomit or force them to drink a lot of water or liquid, unless you are advised to do this by poison center or any other health professional.

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