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Clever Parenting Hacks For Your Child

Clever Parenting Hacks

Parenting is not at all an easy task to do. A full-time commitment to the whole process does take a lot. Being a new parent and handling the infants is surely not a cake walk. Being a parent to a baby, a toddler, or a teenager is a whole different thing. The stages of the children are new to you and sometimes, not knowing what to do is what strikes one the most.

There are different ways to work with your child i.e. a baby, toddler, or a teenager.  There are different ways to handle them. One technique with a toddler is not going to work with your teenager kid. So, in that case, all you need is some clever parenting hacks for your child. These hacks will not only help you but will help your children big time.

Clever parenting hacks for your child – baby, toddler, teenager

Clever Parenting Hacks for your child – Baby

Handling a baby is the most difficult job of all time. As amazing as a baby is, raising them can be more of a tough thing to do. Working along with a newborn is a crazy ride altogether. Time to make all this fleeting time that you had been struggling with a lot easy and smooth. Here are some of the brilliant and clever parenting hacks for your child that you can use on them when they are your cute little babies.

  • Giving medicines to the babies can be a tough nut to crack. To carry it on in a smooth manner, use a pacifier. This serves as a perfect option to feed the medicines.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • In case you find your baby suffering from gas, lay them downside on their back and keep on rotating their legs in a bicycle motion.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Now is the time of zip sleepers. No more complicated folds and no more worrying all night long about the doings of your baby.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Well, the idea of keeping your baby awake the whole day long to directly put them to bed at night is not a great thing to opt for. Newborn need a lot of sleep. So, if they are kept awake for more than 90 minutes, they tend to turn cranky.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • This is one of the clever parenting hacks for your child and for you. Sleep especially during the time when your kid is sleeping. Sleep during the day and that will mend everything.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • If you are putting your baby to sleep in a room in a quiet room, it is likely they will have a light sleep. Make sure that a light noise reaches the baby’s room so that they don’t wake up in the middle.Clever Parenting Hacks

Clever parenting hacks for your child –Toddler

Toddlers are little amazing creatures. Every day they learn something new and master over something else the other day. However, there are terrors that come along with them too. So, these clever parenting hacks for your child will make the road a lot less bumpy that it is.

  • Use baby food jars instead of toddler glass is a great alternative. When toddlers use big glasses, they often tend to spill things off. Empty food jars work the best for toddlers.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Make sure to not ask toddlers questions with multiple choices. Stick to the questions that are close-ended and can give “yes” or “no” questions.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • When you are presenting options in front of your toddlers, make sure to offer them two choices as well. This can go like: Do you want to have your playtime now or in the next minutes. Ask them and let them make their own choice instead of making it for them.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Covering the outlets when you are at your home is definitely something that you have done. But, make sure to cover the outlets while you are a hotel with your toddler.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Healthier food is always good for a toddler because that will develop as a habit in the coming time. So, the idea is to replace junk food with alternatives that are healthy. Kids are always attracted to snacks that are junk as they taste good. You should make sure to replace those snacks with much healthier options.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • While your toddler is in the beginning years, a transition from a crib to a king size bed. Going out directly from a crib to a bed where your toddler can roll out easily can be a risky option. Put big pillows at the corners or edges to make it a habit for the kids.Clever Parenting Hacks

Clever Parenting Hacks for your child –Teenager

Teenagers can be the toughest nut to crack. This age of their life is very crucial and this is the time when they need everything as per their choice and requirement. During the teenage years, the space between the teenager and parents tend to increase. Carrying the teenage time properly is the most important thing that you, as a parent would consider doing. So, here are some of the clever parenting hacks for your child that you can imply.

  • Give your kid their own space and independence to do whatever they want. Give them a chance to put their identity up front. This is how they will find the correctness and will be able to decide between the right and wrong.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Don’t complain a lot more to them. This is the time when they are mostly irritated. Putting forward more and more complains can drive them crazy.
  • Inviting your teens’ friends is a great way to show them how much you care about them. This is the age when teenagers want their friends close to them and you shouldn’t be a barrier in letting them do it. With time, they will understand.Clever Parenting Hacks
  • Set all your important rules in front of them right from the start. Have a good and clean discussion with your kids so that everyone follows the rules right from the start.
  • One of the biggest worries of parents, when their parents are in the teenage stage, is that they will drink alcohol and do drugs. Don’t directly stop them but instead, tell them the risks that come along with it. Explain to them the pros and cons.


Well, now you have clever parenting hacks for your child when they are a baby, toddler, or a teenager. These hacks will help you to tackle the toughest of the situation when you come across it. Be sure to use the hacks in the right manner.

“Enjoy your path to mom, Relish every moment”

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