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Cradling The Baby To Sleep

Cradling The Baby To Sleep

Cradling the baby to sleep is a great task. Babies don’t have any specific sleep time or sleep hours.  They sleep whenever they wish to and will get up with a smile on their face or with shrieking cries, its total gamble. So Cradling the baby to sleep is a challenging task for all the parents. But “path to mom” has an interesting article on ‘Baby’s sleep timeline‘ which will help you a lot.

But you can’t deny the fact that sleep is essentially important for your baby. Experts recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months or so, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Luckily, Indian parents prefer that their baby sleeps with them until they think it is independent enough to sleep on its own.

When the baby is an infant the parents are always afraid that in sleep they might just flip their side and harm their babies, so they prefer to buy addition bedding called cot for their little one.

Cradling The Baby To Sleep

There is a variety of furniture in the market available and you might get baffled by the choices. So here is a guide to, what you’ll need to keep your baby comfortable and safe while the baby sleeps.

Types of bedding for the baby


Cradling The Baby To Sleep

  • Cot is the basic and most important choice that you have to make for cradling the baby to sleep, as once you’ve chosen a cot, your baby is likely to use it right up until the time he has his own bed.
  • Thus the cot should be a strong, sturdy model, as you’ll probably want it to last for two years to three years.
  • Try to choose a cot with openable sides which can be attached to your own bed and it becomes easier for you to feed your baby at nights.
  • You need to make sure that the cot is deep enough for your baby so that when the baby grows and can stand on its own, the baby doesn’t fall off the cot. Such future precautions are a must.
  • At first, the baby might feel lost in it and might cry a night or two but then he will be used to the feeling.
  • The bars in the cot should be at a proper distance.


Cradling The Baby To Sleep

After the choice of a right cot, the 2nd issue rises is what mattress to choose for your baby which is an important factor for cradling the baby to sleep. Whatever mattress you feel is firm and well-fitted should be purchased. Avoid using a thick mattress in a portable cot as a baby can get caught between the mattress. It is recommended that you don’t use pillows or leave toys in a cot. These may suffocate the baby, be used as climbing aids, or pose a choking risk.

Moses Basket

Cradling The Baby To Sleep

If you feel that the cot is a bit huge for your baby you might prefer the warmth Moses basket. Moses baskets are usually made from palm, maize, or the more expensive but durable wicker. Most come with a set of bedding, a fabric-covered hood, and a foam mattress. You can use a Moses basket until your baby is about three to four months. Moses baskets are secure, lightweight and portable.


Cradling The Baby To Sleep

Sometimes you need a movable bed for your baby. Then carrycot is the idle option for you. It’s smaller than a cot and is more of a snug fit for your newborn. Using a carrycot you can save your money too, as you don’t have to buy a separate cot.


Cradling The Baby To Sleep

There a few babies who need to be hushed down to sleep. You need to move up and down your room so that your baby can sleep. In that case, a baby hammock is what you need. A baby hammock is a sling that hangs from a metal frame. They often come complete with sheets, mattress, and a mattress cover. Hammocks offer a cozy sleeping environment which may help young babies settle themselves to sleep.  But after few months your baby will be huge for a hammock, thus buying hammock is mere a luxury than a necessity.

So these were the options available for your baby in the market. In the end, it comes down to you what would you prefer. Choose the bedding for your baby wisely and yes don’t forget to have fun while doing so as these moments are precious.

“Enjoy your Path to Mom. Relish every moment!”

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