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Creating Baby Routine

Creating Baby Routine

With babies, even the tiniest thing to achieve is a battle to fight for. Well, not if you look at the bright side of parenting and do that is best for your kids and yourself too. After a long day, no one wants to stress to follow them up, do they? Therefore, the idea is to do what is best for you and your baby.

One of the significant things that most parents opt for is creating a baby routine. Creating baby routine helps in tons of ways. It helps you and your child to maintain and keep along with the time. The best thing to do in such a case makes a routine that works ideally for you as well as your baby. In this way, it will become very easy to grab the timing and will you in figuring out the possibilities with your baby.

Creating Baby Routine

Why is it important for a baby to have a routine?

The needs of a baby are not a lot complicated. All they need is food, love, play, and lots of sleeping. However, an excess of everything is bad for your kid and hence, it is important that they are given everything in the right amount. You must know what is the requirement of your baby and the right dosage of it. Well, honestly, this can become a lot more challenging than the usual. It gets really tough to manage and create a baby routine and follow it along with the other members of the family.

Creating Baby Routine
Well, if you are someone thinking that creating a baby routine that is regular would be the end of it, then you are totally on the wrong track. Developing a routine that works for your baby is what you need. As a parent, you will have all the details and a predictable pattern to follow up for your days with your little baby and this will also help your kid to know what they need. For example, they will know that they need a bottle after her morning nap and she will be expecting it too.

This answers the questions why is it important for a baby to have a routine. They will know the timelines and will not have to wait for their work to get done. With follow-up days, they will understand the schedule and will expect the things accordingly.

Creating Baby Routine

Creating Baby Routine – The Tips

Here are some of the great tips that you will need while creating a baby routine. Pay a lot of good attention to the pattern that your baby is following and you can even end up getting a schedule that works well for both of you.

Creating Baby Routine

Nappy time

You can’t control the sleeping time of your baby for the entire four starting months because they are likely to doze off whenever they feel like it. But after the time span is over, start keeping a note on the baby’s sleeping patterns. Try to change the baby’s diaper or sing a song before they are off to bed. All the babies are different. However, if your newly born is looking to have a nap in a day, they will probably need their first nap within the first few hours of getting up. The second one will be usually around the noon time. Create a routine mentioning the time and pattern.

Creating Baby Routine


Don’t start with following a strict schedule for baby feeding as a newborn has to be fed every time they are hungry. After they are three months, they will eventually start to follow a predictable pattern for eating. She will start showing off signals like taking the nap bottle after waking up in the morning and so on.

You can do little experiments to see what your baby likes the best. Feed her before as well as after her nap to see when she takes the food in a joyful manner. Once you are sure about the time, you are good to go for creating a baby routine for mealtime.


Do a little trial and error method to find out the time that your baby prefers the most for playing. Especially, when your baby is well rested, they take all the fun and enjoyment to put their best self forward. You can also create a baby routine chart to track their timings and everything.

Creating Baby Routine

Baby Routine Chart

The best way for creating baby routine is doing it by preparing a baby routine chart. Managing everything using a chart not only helps you but also the baby.

For you, it can become a real struggle to understand the timings of your newborn. For the first few months, things are not going to work at all because during that time there is no hard and fast baby routine to imply on your newborn. During the phase, your baby has no timing to follow for sleeping and neither do they follow a timeline for eating and playing.

They function according to themselves and sleep whenever they are tired. Therefore, you have to give a good four months’ time to your baby and yourself to know and find out the way they are spending their time.

Creating Baby Routine

Newborn routine example

It is not always necessary and needed of you to follow a specific routine for your baby. You can alter them as per your baby’s’ convenience if needed. Here is a newborn routine example that you can use for your baby and see if it works out well.

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Wake up the baby and feed them.
8:30 AM – Put them down for a nap.
10:30 AM – Feed them again and change the diaper
11:00 AM – Put them down for a nap.
1:00 PM – Feed and change the diaper and let them play
1:40 PM – Nap Time
3:30 PM – Feed and change the diaper, Play
4:10 PM – Nap Time
6:00 PM – Feed, Change Diaper, Bath
7:30 – 8:00 PM – Put to bed for the night.
11:00 PM – Dream feed and swaddle.

Creating Baby Routine

Try to follow this newborn routine example to check if it works for your baby or not. In case it does, follow this routine with a few alterations.

Creating baby routine is a tough task to do as is doing everything related to a baby. This is one of the best possible ways to get rid of all the miscalculations and to get a fixed time for everything.

“Enjoy your path to mom, Relish every moment”

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