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Emotions On Baby’s First Birthday

Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

Excitement knows no bounds when it comes to celebrating the first birthday as a mom. The emotions on the baby’s first birthday are quite difficult to explain. The first birthday is a very joyous occasion and it quite explains the fact that your baby is now on its way to toddlerhood and has gone successfully through his first year.

Emotions on baby’s first birthday

Let’s not hide the fact that you are going to be celebrating the first birthday being a mom as well. Finding yourself a little emotional during the whole time is completely fine and okay. This milestone has finally come your way and now is time to spread happiness. It is completely fine to have all the emotions on baby’s first birthday as this will be a memorable time of his and he is going to be one year old.

So, don’t worry about anything and no need to get emotional either. It might look like life has got a fast forward button and the flashes of your kid going off to a university are approaching in no time at all.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

These contradicting emotions on the baby’s first birthday are completely normal. Every mother is likely to feel that way thinking of this big day coming on their way.

What are the emotions on baby’s first birthday

Here are some of the emotions on baby’s first birthday:

There has got to be some mistake

A whole year, sounds almost unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, as unbelievable as it might sound, it sure is. You might feel like it was just yesterday that you took him in your arms. Time passes in a jiffy. All these emotions will knock in your way and it will become a little difficult for you to believe that it is really happening.Emotions On Baby's First BirthdayThe first birthday being a mom will be a difficult one but make sure to enjoy it as the time is not coming back for you.

Do you remember?

As time passes and the birthday approaches, all the memories try to push their way back in as well. You will end your nights watching your baby growing up. These videos will take you down the memory lane.

The videos of your newborn will strike in from time to time and you will watch and watch them over and over. This is totally fine as the emotions on baby’s birth birthday are beyond explanation. You might discover the golden back days when you left 100 of emails on your partner’s inbox.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

The grown-up baby

It was just yesterday that your baby was born and today, as time slips, so does the baby’s growth. The years are more like sands of grains that passes away in so soon. You are soon going to feel that time is slipping away and your little baby seems so grown-up all of a sudden.

No more babyface and no more deliberate actions for you to look through. You will find yourself sitting across the room and sending a glance over the baby’s face every now and then with less reciprocation from the baby’s side.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

Still my little baby

It doesn’t matter how much birthday your toddler passes through, he is always your little baby no matter what. The day is not far when he will leave your way and it can also happen that he will transform back into a baby right in front of your eyes in no time.

He will run back to you, hold your hand, and give you a constant reminder of the fact that you are his primary need. The outburst of such emotions on baby’s first birthday is very natural.

Celebrating the first birthday as a mom

Altogether, being a mom is completely different than celebrating the first birthday as a mom. Your baby has no idea what is coming his way but he will know everything in a couple of years.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

Throwing up a party is very special and it will be remembered for a long time in the coming future. The 12 months that you and your baby have successfully passed need to be kept in mind no matter what. Along with that, first birthday wishes from parents is something that will help the baby grow and develop in the coming future.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

The idea of all this sounds so astonishing and the first birthday being a mom is an event beyond words. Apart from all this, you also have to keep in mind about the party that you are throwing. You might end up getting confused on how to choose a first birthday theme and which theme will serve the purpose right. Don’t worry as we have got it covered for you.

How to choose a first birthday theme

With so many planning in your head, this turns out to be a tedious job. There are several themes that you can plan for as your baby’s first birthday. Make sure to keep control of all the emotions on baby’s first birthday.

With the answers, “how to choose a first birthday theme” will no longer be a difficult question.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

A book theme

All-time favourites like Guess how much I love you, The Cat in the Hat, and Curious George can be some of the book themes for the party.

Therefore, planning your baby’s first birthday around all these characters and books sure is a great idea. This party will be a fun event for all the kids who are there. After your kid grows up, show him the photographs on how you got him the perfect theme.

Nursery décor

Nursery theme does the purpose right as it is one of the most widely used themes. Be it a lamb or a safari, everything will be related to your baby.Emotions On Baby's First Birthday

This is one of the best approaches on how to choose a first birthday theme. This theme will be a memorable one for your baby.


This is your first birthday being a mom as well and you will not want anything getting messed up, will you? So, keep your emotions on baby’s first birthday and get started with the party.

Now that you have ideas on “how to choose a first birthday theme, there is nothing for you to worry about anymore. Make sure your kid gets his first birthday wishes from parents and has his best first birthday as a child.

“Enjoy your path to mom, Relish every moment”

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