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The Path To Motherhood – First Month Of Pregnancy

First Month of pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy that you can experience during the first month of pregnancy are varied. In addition to the possible spotting and missed period, they can include any of the signs of the first trimester symptoms, as well as the symptoms associated with symptoms of pre-menstruation.

Pregnancy hormone develops in the mother’s body when the fetus is implanted in her uterus. This hormone causes many of these symptoms. This is the reason that some women experience symptoms quickly.

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First month of pregnancy

What to expect in the first month of pregnancy

Here is a list of possible symptoms of pregnancy that you may or may not have during this time.

  • Spotting

    Light implantation bleeding after nearing a week of conception.

  • Mood swings

    These are not often recognized as pregnancy signs as they come during your period too.

  • Breast tenderness

    This may be a deceptive symptom too. If pregnant, then it can be more extreme than normal which is there before the period. You can see the breasts becoming large and nipples deep.

  • Stomach cramps

    They can be worse than normal premenstrual cramps and can last longer than normal. With a late period, it may well be a symbol of pregnancy, although it certainly will not happen.

  • Fatigue

    You may feel tired because your body is working very hard to develop your baby.

  • Constant urination

    It works from time to time to act on extra body fluid from your kidneys because HCG pregnancy hormones also gather together with pregnancy. Later, the unborn baby causes the same symptoms as he puts pressure on the bladder.

  • Morning sickness or nausea

    This can actually happen at any time of the day.

  • Greed and hatred of food

    Most people have heard about the weakness of food in pregnancy; the food you always love may also be a remedy for you.

  • Heartburn

    In the initial pregnancy the progesterone hormone causes it (later on it is due to the child as he puts pressure on your stomach.)

  • Constipation

    This is also caused by progesterone. Progesterone is a muscle-relaxant hormone.first month during pregnancy

  • Feeling unconscious

    It is another effect of progesterone, which can also relax your blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure and cause dizziness.

  • Increase in hunger

    It is often described as ‘incredible’ hunger-memory. You are eating for two, even if one of you is very, very small.

  • Increased sense of smell

    It is not certain why this happens, but a theory is hormones (again!). This time, it is estrogen, which also grows during pregnancy.

  • Headache

    There are several causes of it during the first month of pregnancy; Stress can be one of them, but due to pregnancy, the increased amount of hormones and blood can also be a factor.

  • Back pain

    It is another potential negative side effects of back pain, especially in the lumbar regions, a heterogeneous progesterone hormone. It can loosen the ligaments around your pelvis, causing instability and pain.

  • Thrush (yeast infection)

    This is an unfortunate symptom, the pregnancy hormone came changing the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina. For some women, this is a very early pregnancy sign.

  • Missed period

    Some women are unable to realize that they have missed their period because they are making a mistake for their menstrual cycle. This can sometimes cause confusion with their due dates. If bleeding is very light, then maybe you can remember your period.

Do not ignore the condition of your body It is possible that these small painful symptoms are signs of the beginning of the beautiful journey of your life, so consult an expert at this time.

The first month of pregnancy is a beautiful phase. It is a beautiful beginning of motherhood. Take proper care of yourself so that no mishappening occurs.

“Enjoy your Path to Mom, Relish every moment.”

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