How To Get Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Again

Getting Pregnant Again

Pregnant with another baby? That’s great! But getting pregnant again too soon after previous delivery can be risky for both you and your new baby. Becoming pregnant again in a year after giving birth can pose health problems to your unborn baby.

Getting pregnant again

Planning pregnancy – Getting Pregnant Again

If you want another child it is important that you plan your next pregnancy. The gap between two pregnancies must be at least 18 months which will give you time to completely heal your body. In the meantime, the use of reliable contraceptive is the best way to stop pregnancy unless you decide when you want to conceive.

Getting Pregnant Again

Women who have given birth should wait at least three weeks for using birth control options which include both estrogen and progestin.

The birth control methods can be a contraceptive pill, patch, or vaginal ring. Using these methods in the early weeks after delivery increases the risk of dangerous blood clots combined with other risk factors.

One should wait for at least six weeks to use contraceptives with both estrogens and progestin if certain medical conditions had developed during the previous delivery.

After delivery, one alternative for the control of pregnancy is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy (Lactation amenorrhea method-LAM) but is effective in less or equal to 2 out of 100 women.

An interval of 2.5 years between pregnancies can be beneficial to prevent stillbirth deliveries and lower weight of the child before birth i.e. in the womb.

Interval (less than 18 months) and very long (over 60 months) interval can have negative consequences for both mother and child.

Hence, keep in mind these tips if planning for a next pregnancy!

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