During Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches are the most common trouble experienced during pregnancy. Some, or the other time, One of the four mothers reported experiencing headaches during pregnancy. However, they often appear in the first and third trimester. Migraine sufferers often get some relief during pregnancy. Still, some women report facing their first migraine when they are pregnant.

Headaches during pregnancy

Causes of headaches during pregnancy 

Headaches During Pregnancy

Stress headache

Many women experience stress headaches during pregnancy. However, it’s more especially during the first trimester typically due to changes in the hormones, lack of sleep, stress,  or by criminals who bring about tension headaches.

Sinus headache

It occurs as a result of a dry sinus. Pregnant women are prone to allergic reactions. Allergic sinus collection is triggered which triggers a headache.

Cluster headache

Although this type of headache does not begin with pregnancy, it will not be reduced during pregnancy. A cluster headache is characterized by experiencing severe pain around the eye or around the temple area. Sometimes you will have runny eyes or nose. They occur at the same time each day.

Preeclampsia headache

This type of headache signals a persistent dull or heart pain.

Treatment of headaches during pregnancy

During pregnancy, all the usual painkillers which you used to get rid of your headache may not be suitable for you to take during pregnancy. Why? Because all painkillers are not safe for normal development of pregnancy and healthy development of the fetus.

Remedies of headaches during pregnancy 

Here are some things which may help you to get rid of headaches during pregnancy:

  • Do not take any medication without your doctor’s permission.
  • If you develop a smooth and severe headache which does not go even after the entire day, then do not ignore it. This may be a sign of some underlying health problem.
  • To prevent low blood glucose, which is a common headache trigger, eat small meals often.
  • A good head, shoulder, back and neck massage will help to overcome headaches, especially the ones related to stress.
  • Practice good posture especially in the third trimester.
  • Practice relaxation technique like yoga and breathing exercises which will help reduce stress.
  • Applying cold and heat pack will help relieve headaches.
  • Take a cold bath. It is found to reduce headaches.
  • Take lots of rest.

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