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Helping Young Children Sleep

Helping Young Children Sleep

Human body functions with energy. Sleep is important to restore these energies and also very helpful for growth and development. Inadequate sleep is the main cause of diseases and health problems. Lack of sleep, poor sleep can affect children’s health, education, behaviour as well as growth.

Helping young children sleep

Here in this article, we will discuss

  • Why sleep is so important for a young child
  • Helping young children sleep
  • How to get kids to sleep (simple sleep tips)
  • How to make a kid fall asleep( 10 tips for helping your kid asleep)

Why sleep is so important

In this rapidly changing world, everyone is running to achieve their goals so as our children. But in this mouse race, people are neglecting their health. And whatever the older generation is doing the younger one is also following the same footsteps. Nowadays Childs are so busy that they forgot to have a sound sleep at night. The pressures of schools are ruining their beautiful childhood. And the lack of sleep and poor sleep were also contributing to health degradation. Sleep is an important part of human life. It helps in growth (mentally & physically) and development of the child also has an impact on their education, sports, intelligence, and behavior.

Helping Young Children Sleep

Helping young children sleep

At different ages, a child needs to sleep for different hours. The table below shows the appropriate and recommended hours for the child from 0 months to 5 years. The sleeping time of the child differs from child to child. And the appropriate sleep time in the table shows the different sleeping hour of children.

Age  (Maybe)Appropriate hours Recommended hours
Newborn 0 to 3 months 11- 13 hours 14-17 hours
Infant 4 to 11momths 10-11 hours  12- 15 hours
Kids 1 to 2 years 9-10 hour 11- 14 hours
Preschool 3 to 4 years 8-9 hours 10-13 hours
5 years old 7-8 hours 9-11 hours

(The appropriate hours of sleeping time differ from one to another)

Simple ways of helping young children sleep

  • The children should always have a particular sleeping time. And the children should adopt a regular bedtime routine, including the bath brushing their teeth and all other activities. All these are good habits. The children should avoid playing video games, TV, computer an hour before going to bed. The children should wake up at a particular time.

Helping Young Children Sleep

  • Food also plays an important factor in helping young children sleep. The children should not take heavy before 2 hours of going to their bed. And the parents should not give any food item that contains caffeine for their child before sleeping at night.
  • There should be a perfect sleeping environment for the child, the place should be quiet and warm and dark. It’s not mandatory to keep the place dark. You can use bed lights. The place should not have any distractions such as TV, computer, video games and so on.

Helping Young Children Sleep

  • The children should be kept active all day. The more the kids stay active and energetic that more the child requires sleep. And after getting a day that is full of activity all child and kid want to sleep without any disturbances and they also get adequate sleep.
  • Small naps reduce the time period of sleep at night. The parents should not let their child take nap after 4 pm (in case you have a newborn baby then you can let them take naps) as these small naps always affect the child’s sound sleep at night.

How to get a kid to sleep

Sleep is a thing which comes naturally but not in every case. Many children struggle at some point in time to get some sleep on their own. The sleeping pattern between a toddler and an adult is different. As kids can’t sleep where he or she is not feeling safe. The kid always tries to be around his parents to get a safe feeling. And after he/she gets comfortable, can sleep properly. But it’s totally different in the case of an adult.

Helping Young Children Sleep

They always prefer a quite cozy and peaceful place to get some sound sleep. The kids’ does not get sleep because of some stress or fear it’s the duty of the parents to make their child realize that they are always there to help him. Whenever your child cries at night or wakes up in the middle of the night for some nightmare, the parents should go and stay near him/her for some time to make them feel better. The parents should work hard to remove all those thoughts which are not letting your kid sleep peacefully at night.  To get a kid to sleep is not an easy task for the parents. They need to be careful while handling their kid’s nightmares, fears.

  • Your presence, the gentle touch of the mother means a lot to them.

Helping Young Children Sleep

  • Always listen to their dreams and try to make them feel stronger to fight with their fears.
  • Let them cry until he is happy and wants to sleep. And always make sure to make them feel safe and secure.

How to make kids fall asleep

Kids might be stubborn and want to do their own and the parents some time provide them certain consideration. These considerations are good when it was given to them for a fewer time. It should not affect their lifestyles. Parents need be little strict if they want to make their kids fall asleep.

Helping Young Children Sleep

There are some tips given by the experts and researchers which might be helpful for making kids fall asleep.

  • Avoid heavy food at night. The kid should have his dinner in the evening. The foods containing caffeine should not be given to them.

Helping Young Children Sleep

  • At bedtime, the children should not have any stimulating force or activities to get distracted.
  • The sleeping place of your kid should be comfortable and peaceful. The lights, bed, blankets should be very comfortable.
  • The sleeping place should not have any electronic devices such as TV, computer, video games, rocking music etc.
  • Set a particular bedtime and instruct your kid to go to bed at the perfect time or within five minutes.
  • The children are always attracted to rewards. So the parents should set some reward for their children to go to bed early.
  • If your child is afraid to sleep alone and wants you to stay near them. Then you should stay near the kid until the kid peaceful and soothe sleep.
  • Sometimes the kids are very mischievous and don’t like to obey their parents. So the parents should stay there for some time so that the kid should realize that he or she needs to sleep now.
  • Help the child to overcome their fear. It will help in making your kid fall asleep.

Helping Young Children Sleep

  • If your kid is not sleeping after all these efforts, then tell them some bedtime stories. It is the best way to make a kid fall asleep. But you should avoid saying scary bedtime stories or TV shows. It best to tell them their favourite stories.

Having a good sleep at night helps in keeping the child stay active and fresh all day long. Therefore it’s always necessary to help the young children sleep. And the children should adopt the early to bed early morning formula to have sound sleep at night. The above mention tips will help you to make young children sleep.

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