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How To Give Bath To Babies

How To Give Bath To Babies

With a baby, performing every single task can be a tough thing to do. Feeding them, making them sleep, walking them, and even bathing them turns out to be the most sweat taking exercises of all time.

How to give bath to babies?

Now that you are all set up for the job and got your newborn back to your home from the hospital, time to gear up the essentials. However, when it comes to giving a bath to babies for the very first time, there are tons of questions that cross your mind, isn’t it? How to bathe a baby step by step? When to give baby first sponge bath? How to give a bath to babies? How to give a bath to newborn baby Indian style?

Well, say bye to all your questions as we have got them covered for you.

How to give a bath to newborn baby Indian style

In India, one of the significant things to do before bathing a baby is giving them an oil massage. The process of putting oil all over the body is a forceful method which is further followed by a warm bath. This is the starting baby bath procedure. Finally, the whole process is wrapped up by smoking the babies with fumes.

Sometimes babies tend to cry during the whole process and find it difficult to go through it. However, for some babies, it is a cake walk. Some of the very common side effects of this Indian style baby bath includes:How To Give Bath To Babies

  • Greenstick fractures come upon the body of the baby. This happens because of vigorous rubbing on the back of the baby.
  • Abrasions, scratches, and injuries are likely to reflect on the skin of the baby if the masseuse has rough and patchy hands.

So, be very careful while going through the Indian style of baby bathing.

How to give a newborn a bath with umbilical cord

Experiencing the first bath of your baby is a very pleasing thing and being alongside them is just a cherry on the top. When babies come back from the hospital, they have their umbilical cord attached to them. It takes almost a week or so for it to get off from the cord completely.

Within 3 weeks, the umbilical cord starts drying up and falls off eventually. However, for you, it is very necessary to take care of the umbilical cord until and unless the area heals off completely. The best way of doing so is to take a cotton swab and wet it gently with the help of water. Further, take it and gently clean the stumps of the umbilical cord using the other side.How To Give Bath To Babies

You have to make sure that the umbilical cord of the baby is kept dry and clean. Fold the diaper from the belly areas to avoid the water to flow into the cord.

When to give a baby first sponge bath

The best thing to do until the umbilical cord of the baby dries off is giving them sponge baths. This will not only help in keeping their little hands and feet clean but will also keep the umbilical stump completely dry.How To Give Bath To Babies

A baby needs a sponge bath for at least one to two times a week time. This is so because frequent bathing can result in drying off the skin.

Before you take your baby for a bath, make sure to check if all the bathing items are available. Some soaps, washcloths, towel, clothes, diaper, and a cup full of warm water must be available near to you.How To Give Bath To Babies

After you start to sponge bathe your baby, make sure to start from their head and take it slowly towards the toe tips. Wash your baby with a washcloth. While bathing your baby, always take care of the neck and the head. Keep an eye on the umbilical cord and don’t let it dry.

Now you know how to give a bath to babies with the umbilical cord.

How to bathe a baby step by step

A new bonding starts when you start bathing your baby. Keep one thing in mind, never leave your baby unattended. Here is a step by step baby bath procedure to follow that will make it clear on how to give a bath to babies.

  • First, wear the most appropriate clothes. Remove any sort of accessories that you are wearing like watches or jewellery.
  • Get all the essentials right by your side because once you start bathing your baby, you can’t leave them. Therefore, get all the important things like towel, baby soap, clothes, baby powder, diaper, cotton wool balls, baby shampoo, and bath toys etc right near the bathing area.How To Give Bath To Babies
  • Make sure to check the level of water when the baby is inside the tub. The level of water must not exceed 7 cm. Keep the water warm and the temperature should be 32°C.How To Give Bath To Babies
  • Though it is not a tough job to bath your own baby having a help is an even better idea. Get someone right by your side when you are bathing your baby.
  • Remove the clothes that your baby is wearing along with the diaper. This is probably the last thing to do before putting your baby for a bath. In case your baby cries, put the diaper back on.How To Give Bath To Babies
  • Don’t for even once, leave your child unattended for a minute. There are chances of your baby to drown if the level of the water is below 2.5 cm.
  • Slowly put your baby in the bathtub to ensure that they are comfortable. Put a support on the neck and head.
  • Pour a cup full of water on your body slowly. Wet the hair and skin completely. Be very careful and look where the water is going.
  • Further, use a baby soap or a baby shampoo on the skin of your baby. See to that the concentration of soap and shampoo is very mild and it doesn’t affect the baby in any way.
  • Time to give a good rinse to your child. Wash them with bathwater after you have done it with soap.How To Give Bath To BabiesHow To Give Bath To Babies
  • Time to pat your baby until they are fully dry. Do it as gently as you can. Apply a good baby body lotion too.

These are the steps that you can follow on how to give a bath to babies.

 “Enjoy your path to mom, Relish every moment”

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