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Best Kitty Party Themes

Kitty Party

Theme parties are always interesting. If you are looking for best kitty party themes then check out some interesting themes, which makes your party unforgettable.

1. Bollywood Theme

Kitty Party

Are you thinking of something glamorous?? Then Bollywood theme kitty party is right for you. This idea will make your party full of Bollywood fun. This theme doesn’t need any introduction. You can do a lot of things related to this theme. You can dress up like famous celebrities and can play games which are based on Bollywood movie dialogues and their movie names.

2. Tapori Theme

Kitty Party

If you are in search of interesting party theme ideas, then try this tapori theme kitty party. It is one of the fun themes. You can decorate the party with the posters of Bollywood movies based on taporis and which rubber tires with bottles.

3. Masquerade Theme

Kitty Party

A masquerade theme is a timeless classic!! You can decorate the venue with the masks, feathers and with the velvet cloths and ribbons. You can play lots of interesting game in this theme party, one of the game is needle and pearl game in which ask ladies to make a necklace by given beads and thread. Give a needle and a thread, and 15-20 pearls to each lady at the end of 45 seconds, the lady who has threaded the most beads, wins.

4. Horror Theme

Kitty Party

If you are a fan of Horror movies and all things that give you goosebumps then this could be the perfect kitty theme party for you. Don’t think that horror theme party is only for Halloween, it is suitable for kitty theme also. You can play treasure hunt games and can decorate your venue by creepy dolls, spider, skulls, and bones. Scray dress code will give it a perfect look.

5. Jungle Safari Theme

Kitty party

If you want to explore something adventurous then jungle safari theme idea is awesome. It is not too expensive, nor too difficult to organize. You can invite your friends using handmade cards. You can decorate your house with leaves artificial trees and artificial animals. For games, you can ask ladies to make masks with paper cutouts, find your animal family by making that animal sound and many more.

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