Top 6 Mehndi Style You Are Not Aware Of!!!

Mehndi Styles

Indian wedding is incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi is a beautiful temporary body art. Mehndi has many styles so, let’s a have look at top-6 mehndi style you are not aware of!

1. Arabic Mehndi Style

Mehndi Style

Arabic mehndi style is the popular and common style in the world. Most designs consist of patterns of leaves, vine, and flowers. It starts with the palm and flows through the wrist.

2. Minimalist Mehndi Style

Mehndi Style

The latest trend for every generation lady is the minimalist style. This style has a small and simple pattern, this is different from the usual mehndi pattern. This design gives the stylish appearance. It is perfect for those who don’t like the heavy design.

3. Lace Glove Mehndi Style

Mehndi Style

lace glove is a modern pattern of mehndi, it gives an illusion of wearing gloves. You can wear this design on small occasions. This mehndi includes simple floral and petals pattern, which look beautiful and elegant.

4. Back Mehndi Style

Mehndi style

Back mehndi sounds like something funky thing right? But at present day its one of the popular style among young ladies. Mehndi at back gives the appearance like a tattoo. And it is mostly applied with backless blouse or suit.

5. Bracelet Mehndi Style

Mehndi style

Bracelet mehndi also known as bangle mehndi and its one of the most popular style. Mehndi is designed around your wrist, which gives a beautiful look of bangle on your hand. You don’t need any special occasion to wear it, this is a perfect style for cocktail parties.

6. Moroccan Mehndi Style

Mehndi style

Moroccan mehndi was originated in the Middle East. Girls mostly prefer this types of style, this style doesn’t have peacocks and flowers but still its look more elegant. This design can be applied on hands, legs, shoulder, back, neck etc.

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