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Top 6 Nail Art You Should Try

Nail Art Techniques

Nail Art is a fascinating art which every lady must try. We have listed below top-6 nail arts which one must not miss

Top 6 Nail Art You Should Try!

1. French nail art

Nail Art TechniquesFrench nail art is one of the popular nail art technique which one can wear on any occasion. French art is known as French manicure and gives classy look. It can be done on toes nail also. It is the most requested design in nail salons across the world. It can be done by any colour of your choice.

2. Sand nail art

Nail Art Techniques

Sand nail art is popular art for summers. It is the perfect style for the beach or beach party. This will give an appearance of sand on nails. You just have to apply nail paint and just after applying nail paint sprinkle little sand on it and allow sand to settle down. After that apply a protective coat which gives finishing to your sand nail art.

3. Polka Dot nail art

Nail Art Techniques

Polka dot nail art is fun art which is very easy for a working lady also. You can apply polka dot art in the office or as casual wear. This style looks more interesting than applying simple nail paint. It is not time consuming and easy way to style your nail in this we have to just apply a thin layer of nail paint and after that, we have to apply dots on it using a dotter tool.

4. Newspaper nail art

Nail Art Techniques

Newspaper nail art seems difficult but it’s not. You just need newspaper cutting and water for this art. You have to apply lighter shades like white or grey or baby pink and let it dry and dip your nail into the water and press it firmly on your nail for a few seconds. Peel it off carefully. Ink from the newspaper will be left behind. You can use water for newspaper nail art instead, but it leaves a lighter lettering on the nail. For a more intense lettering, you can use alcohol.

5. Ombre nail art

Nail Art Techniques

Ombre art is a technique of blending 2 or more colours. It is basically done from one lighter and one darker shade which gives it an amazing look. Ombre is popular for hair colour also, and ombre art is suitable for special occasions like a wedding or other parties.

6. Marble nail art

Nail Art TechniquesMarble nail art is one of the stylish and funky art done on nails. It was originated in Japan by professional nail technicians in Japanese nail salons. We just require clean water, nail lacquers for free-dropping, and a stick for drawing patterns on the water.

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