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New Mom’s Guide To Looking Good

New mom's guide to looking good

Childbirth is known to be one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. However, there are several aftermaths that can be a little bit stressful. We’ll see in this article a new mom’s guide to looking good.

According to several physicians, the baby is always the first priority of a mother. On the other hand, it is important to take care of your body after giving birth to a child. Whether it is a natural birth or C-Section, it requires healing and the same is possible only when a mother maintains her body in a proper manner.

The body needs healing post pregnancy and the areas that need a change includes your skin, hair, and so on. In the past nine months, they have gone through a lot already due to the hormonal change. So, it is obvious that your body will need time to get back in shape.

To avoid all of this, we have new mom’s guide to looking good which will explain and give some tips to look good post pregnancy.

New mom’s guide to looking good

Tips to look good

Women have every right to look good and showing out to the world that how much presentable they are. On the other hand, motherhood can bring along a few hurdles as a result of which, the efforts you need to put on is a little extra than the usual.

So, if it is your first child and you are worried about how you look, then this new mom’s guide for to looking good will serve you the best tips to look good in the coming time.

New mom's guide to looking good

Some of the golden fashion tips to moms are as follows:

  • Take care of your hair

    Well, hair is the most important part of a woman’s body and taking care of it is a priority. You can tie up a high pony so your baby doesn’t get to it. Alternatively, you can also use some dry shampoo instead of washing it. This is one of the golden tips to look good.

  • Look comfortable

    Styling is all about being comfortable in your own way. The same goes in the case of post-pregnancy as well. Wear clothes that are easier to carry everywhere around. Avoid using sandals and rely only on flats.

  • A little makeup is fine

    Moving around with a baby for the whole time is a full-time job. So, a lot of makeup won’t be a really good idea in this case. Hence, avoid makeup and go for something that is very light for your face. This will make you look good and avoid the excessive makeup drama.

    New mom's guide to looking good

  • Skincare routine is a must

    Well, cleansing and moisturising are a must if you are opting for makeup. This is one of the important tips to look good for moms. Skincare not only keeps your skin alive but helps it to breathe as well. Maintain a time and do it from time to time.

  • Worship simplicity

    Don’t try too hard as it is not really needed. Keep everything simple and that is what will help you in looking good. Add this point to the new mom’s guide to looking good and share with your friends as well.

  • Eat and exercise

    Try to be on outdoors at specific times. Staying at home 24*7 can be a rough job. Make sure to go out there and share your tips to look good to all the mother’s out there.

  • Mother yourself

    Never ever give up on what you are. Keep your personal identity right at its place and it has to be very intact in order to stay as you are.

    New mom's guide to looking good

  • Brace up

    Don’t be a sleepy head. Brace yourself up and get up in the morning before everyone else. This brings in peace and will help you in every way.

Issues in new mom’s life

At the end of the day, the goal should be to look good. Some of the most common issues that come off in the life of a new mom.

New mom's guide to looking good


Post pregnancy this is one of the common issues in a woman’s life. Skin related issues are likely to attack you after pregnancy. Light and dark brown patches on places like face, cheeks, lips, and so on. High pregnancy hormones in the body are what causes the issue.

The solution for the same is to use sunscreens of SPF-30. Make sure to use it every morning. Use it at least two to three times every day. Alongside, use skin lightening creams for the patchy skin to get rid of this issue for once and all.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are likely to attack the places that have the most amount of fat in your body. These include breasts, arms, etc. This is because of the hormonal changes. In order to prevent these stretch marks, follow a proper moisturizing routine every day. Use light oil on various parts of your skin and blend it.

New mom's guide to looking good

Fashion tips to moms

Looking for some fashion tips to moms? Well, it couldn’t get any easier than this. Here are some must follow fashion tips to moms that will not only add up to new mom’s guide to looking good but will enhance your fashion skills as well.

New mom's guide to looking good

Size matters

To all the ladies out there, there is nothing as repelling that garments that fit you well. Be a lot confident about what you wear and how you wear it. Own your body as that is your primary asset.

Learn to say “NO”

A big no-no for panty lines, bra straps, especially during the daytime. There are tons of choices that you can opt for. Choose just the right one to flaunt yourself. The right cut in the dress is the perfect option to go for. Similarly, follow the rule for your bottoms as well.

New mom's guide to looking good


When it comes to fashion tips to moms, this is the show stealer. Some of the basic things that you must have in your wardrobe are a black dress, denim, black pants, that works equally during the day and night. Try handbags in and out of your outfit to look good. Experiment with a colour palette to work all the way up and down. Make sure to look the best by using the best accessories for yourself.


New mom’s guide to looking good is something that every pregnant lady out there is looking for. Tips to look good have already been laid in front of you and to choose from them is your choice. Look beautiful and don’t forget to flaunt your beauty right out in front of the crowd.

In the end, you are beautiful and you have every right to be.

“Enjoy your Path to Mom. Relish every moment!”

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