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Perfectly Frame Your Beautiful Baby

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby

Adorable, the word which beautifully defines an exact expression of parents when they see their newborn for the first time. The most lovable moment with the rush of emotions, some new learning, and new feeling, you would never forget these early moments. For many of us, it is the moment which we want to capture in the bottom of our heart and also want to relive those days again and again. And this can be accomplished through baby photography.

Everyone wants a perfect baby photography and to capture those perfect moments of your baby’s precious childhood in a perfect shot, we have some tips and ideas to not only capture a photograph and framing your baby but a memory which you can live again.

Natural settings – framing your baby

Nature plays a vital role in the photography of newborn baby. Every natural setting adds a natural element to the baby’s photo. Sunlight, water, greenery, natural views even the baby’s natural expressions make the photography so beautiful. Capture your baby’s photo with the bliss of nature.

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby


Important points to note – baby photography

  • Click as many pictures as you can
  • Get basic poses of your newborn first
  • Keep your newborn comfortable
  • Try to capture the natural expression of your baby
  • Use windows lights or natural lights for newborn photography

Artificial settings – framing your baby

Artificial means man-made. These are the settings which you can create artificially with the help of props (like guitar, basket, etc.), lights. Also, colours will make the photograph fascinating. Even sometimes you don’t need any props, you can just click those small detailed shots, for example, his Toes, Fingers, Umbilical cord, Diaper, Hair, Close-ups of their little faces (nose, eyes, mouth, ears), Hospital bracelets, Bassinet sign, Balloons and flowers in the room.

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby


Also, don’t miss those random clicks while the baby is playing with props or playing alone. Always remember one thing good photography needs good lighting.

Important points to note – baby photography

  • Some random clicks of the baby with props while playing.
  • Take close-ups and every possible small detail of your newborn.
  • Take the pictures while your newborn baby is in his sleep.
  • Use colour coordination in your scene.
  • Use creative and comfortable props for newborn photography.

First moment – baby photography

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby

Don’t forget to capture yourself in the camera. Without you, his childhood will never be complete; even not in the photos. You can capture every little moment with your baby but you should also capture your feelings, expressions and new learnings. These moments will go very quickly which are very precious. It is wonderful to have these recorded memories.

Here are some quick moments you can capture when your baby:

  • wakes up
  • sleep
  • wears clothes
  • makes faces and yawns
  • bathe
  • umbilical cord is cut
  • holds the baby for the first time
  • weighed

Cherishing poses – baby photography

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby

The family photo is a must. The feeling of pure joy you get when you see your baby for the first time is unlike any other moment in life. Relish that moment. Take it in with your partner and be present with one another as you have just become parents to this new precious baby. Those feeling which you want to record for forever.

Here are some cherishing moments which, you’ll capture on camera:

  • Getting baby dressed to go home
  • Cuddle the baby
  • Nurse the baby
  • Baby smiling

Quick pictures – baby photography

Perfectly frame your beautiful baby

Take photos of the visitors who come and see the baby. Document your child’s first meeting with his family, relatives, friend, and pets. You always have an option to delete it later but sometimes these photographs become someone’s favourite. The more pictures you take, the more memories you’ll have to relive these precious days forever. Just don’t forget the lights. Good photography needs good lighting.

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“Enjoy your Path to Mom. Relish every moment!”

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