During Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms – Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

Being a mother is the best feeling a woman experiences. The body starts changing as soon as one gets pregnant. The following topic is related to pregnancy symptoms as well as pregnancy symptoms after conception, early symptoms of pregnancy, symptoms of early pregnancy, early symptoms of pregnancy, and early signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms – Early Signs Of Pregnancy

As the pregnancy begins one will experience physical changes such as backaches, gaining weight and fluid retention.  These pregnancy symptoms are normal but are uncomfortable and often go away after the birth of the child. In some women, early symptoms of pregnancy are seen in the first few weeks after pregnancy conception. Pregnancy symptoms can vary in their intensity, regularity and time period.

The following early signs of pregnancy are only commonly seen in every woman as pregnancy symptoms after conception. The early symptoms of pregnancy are:

Nausea with or without vomiting

Pregnancy Symptoms
This is one of the early signs of pregnancy. These pregnancy symptoms can be felt at any time of the day. This is also known as morning sickness. Nausea happens to some women at a very early stage of pregnancy, within two weeks of pregnancy. Nausea happens when the estrogen level keeps on rising rapidly due to which the stomach is flushing out food slowly. In some cases, there is also found that the sense of smell in pregnant women is comparatively high, due to which strong smells like perfumes, cigarette smoke or food being cooked suffocates them which causes nausea which is a pregnancy symptom after conception.

Slight bleeding or cramping

A little amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. It is also known as implantation bleeding and usually happens after 10 to 14 days after the fertilization has taken place. It happens as the fertilized egg has attached to the lining of the uterus. This vaginal bleeding is comparatively spottier and lighter in colour than the spotting which is seen at the time of the menstrual cycle.

Also, this spotting doesn’t last as long as the spotting which occurs at the time of the menstrual cycle. Some women also feel abdominal cramps as symptoms of early pregnancy. These cramps are mostly similar to that of which happens in the menstrual period.

Missed period

This is the probably the most obvious early signs of pregnancy as compared to any other sign. As a woman misses her periods, from then she starts to search for any other detail or about the early symptoms of pregnancy. Some women may also experience very light period as compared to the normal cycle.

High blood pressure and dizziness

Pregnancy Symptoms

Mostly, the blood pressure tends to drop during the early stages of pregnancy. Though the blood pressure used to be normal or high, it will drop at an early stage which is symptoms of early pregnancy. Dropping of blood pressure level may cause dizziness sometimes as the blood vessels are dilated. If the blood pressure tends to be high during pregnancy, it can cause many complications in further stages of pregnancy.

Frequent urination

This is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms after conception. As soon as a woman conceives, the hormonal changes in her body start. The hormonal changes tend to raise the rate of blood flow through the kidneys and due to this the bladder fills up quickly and one has to urinate frequently. This problem of frequent urination will continue and may become serious in the second or third trimester. During pregnancy, the blood volume rises a lot, which creates an extra fluid and end up in the bladder. This problem becomes intense as the pressure of the growing baby is exerted on the bladder.


Pregnancy Symptoms

Early pregnancy fatigue is seen in the majority of the cases. One suddenly feels tired or exhausted. There is no proper reason but it is assumed that during pregnancy, the progesterone (a female reproductive hormone) level keeps on increasing. As the progesterone level is unstable, the women aren’t able to sleep. This may also result in morning sickness, frequent urination or mood swings. One may feel better and relived in the second trimester but fatigue may return during the third trimester as the women are carrying a lot of weight. This may cause discomfort to the women and it may lead to disturbance in the sleep cycle. One must try to take enough sleep.

Sore breasts

The most common pregnancy symptoms after conception are sensitive and swollen breasts. It happens as a result of the rising level of hormones. Though women usually feel sore breasts before the menstrual period this is the exaggerated version of that. There is a lot of pain around the breast area and it becomes super sensitive.  One may be relieved from sore breasts in the second trimester as the body becomes habitual to the hormonal changes taking place in the body.

Mood swings

As there are sudden hormonal changes taking place in the body, it is very much normal to have mood swings. Another reason due to which mood swings happen is that the hormonal changes affect the neurotransmitters i.e. the chemical messenger in the brain. The reaction to these changes differs from person to person. Some women during pregnancy feel good and bad both, at the same time while some have a constant feeling of depression or become anxious.

Increased heart rate

This pregnancy symptom is usually felt at around 8th or 10th week. At around this period, the heart begins to pump the blood comparatively faster and harder. This occurs due to hormonal changes taking place in the body. The flow of blood increases due to the fetus as the pregnancy progresses. Ideally, doctors manage this symptom right after the conception but if one is having a certain heart problem then proper medication is required for that.

Excess saliva

Excessive saliva is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. The body starts to produce a lot of saliva due to the hormonal changes in the body. It is caused by the beginnings of morning sickness or hurt burn which is commonly seen as early symptoms of pregnancy. Progesterone works for relaxing the body muscles, due to which the valve is created that keeps the oesophagus off from the stomach. Due to this the stomach acids shifts and leads to heartburn or acid reflux. Moreover, the change in progesterone level can slow down the digestion process and can create bowels.


Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women crave for certain kind of food during the early stage of pregnancy. These pregnancy symptoms happen because of strong change in hormones. This, in turn, affects the mood as well as their will to eat. One craves for a particular type of food at any time and can only be at peace after fulfilling the craving. This can be considered as early symptoms of pregnancy.


Pregnancy Symptoms

Constipation is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy which is caused by the change in progesterone level. The change in progesterone level slows down the digestion process which causes bowels and its peristalsis movement. Lack of magnesium-rich food in the diet can also cause constipation. This pregnancy symptom is an uncomfortable situation. It’s because constipation can further cause many other problems such as headaches, vomiting, and body ache.

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