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Premature Baby Care

Premature Baby Care

Preemies or premature baby are the babies born approximately during the 37th week of gestation. For mothers, whose babies are premature and are born before the timeline are often scared and tend to be nervous. This is probably one of the reasons why premature baby care is extremely important and necessary. Babies that are born prematurely are prone to more complications.

The intensity of the risks depends on the birth of the child. As soon as they come out, higher the chances and risks of complications. To take good care of the preterm baby, there are several things that you must consider doing. Here is a discussion about everything related to premature baby care that will make things a lot easy for you.

Taking care of a premature babyPremature Baby Care

Bringing a premature baby home

There are five basic criteria that you must look to before bringing a premature baby home. They are:

  • When the crib is open, see to the fact that the premature baby is able to adjust in the temperature and is stable.
  • Check for apneas i.e. if they are taking a pause while breathing. This can also cause the heartbeat rate to slow down.Premature Baby Care
  • Check if they are taking enough calories in.
  • Find out and keep recording the preemie’s weight measurements. If they are gaining weight steadily, then bringing a premature baby home is a very good idea.
  • Look if they are having any breathing difficulties while sucking your breast or bottle.

If your preemie is following all the above criteria, bringing a premature baby home is the brightest of options.

Premature baby temperature range

An ideal temperature for a premature baby care is very important. They should be given an ideal space to feel their best. It is your sole duty to ensure that you keep your baby at a temperature that makes them feel comfortable, cosy, and safe.Premature Baby Care

There are many ways to ensure the premature baby temperature range. The finest way to do it is with layers. You can use a vest, blankets, sleeping bags, or even your sleeping suit as per the convenience. Add or remove any of the items depending on how the temperature is. If it is warm and chilly outside, make sure to keep everything intact.Premature Baby Care

In case you find it difficult to gather the information about how much care and wrapping up does your baby needs, you can consult someone from the healthcare team. In such cases, premature baby care is very important as they can catch a cold in a jiffy when they are not given proper dressing or are not wearing enough clothes to protect them. Also, don’t plan on overloading the cot with blankets as it might cause cot death as well.

Care of preterm baby

Premature baby and premature baby care are two significant things to address. The best care that you can give your newborn is as follows:Premature Baby Care


The best way to breastfeed your premature baby is by giving them breast milk using a tube. In order to establish the supply of milk, pump it after giving them birth as soon as you can. Because your baby has a small stomach, they might not need a lot of breast milk.


Every car has a minimum weight capacity and your baby has to meet the expectations. A proper padding and a support are mandatory in order to help the baby.

Tummy time

If you want your baby to have strong muscles in the back, stomach, and shoulder, you need to keep them on their back most of the times. This is a significant step to remember about premature baby care.Premature Baby Care


Bringing premature baby home is already a struggle and keeping them safe is a necessity. Mostly, preemies are open to any type of infections. Therefore, make sure to give up your smoking and drinking habits. Don’t, for some time, allow visitors with a knack of smoking.


You already have to put a lot of efforts into taking care of your baby. Make sure that this doesn’t affect your own health in any way. Keeping premature baby warm at home and caring them is fine, but compromising with your own health is not acceptable at all.

Premature baby care – tips

Here are some of the expert strategies that will help in keeping the whole family strong and healthy.

  1. Once you are back home from the hospital, it is very obvious that the immune system of your baby is not very strong. Therefore, it is important to protect your baby’s body from any sort of dirt and unhygienic.Premature Baby Care
  2. Well, if your baby is born eight weeks prior then there are chances that their development will take place eight weeks later. You need to keep in mind when it comes to feeding them, introducing them to baby foods, and so on.
  3. Bringing premature baby home is not enough. They need to be given all sort of care and attention. They need to sense comfort in the place they are living and for the same, you need to comfort them. Dress them as comfortably as you would dress. Put a hat over their head and take good care of the preterm baby.Premature Baby Care

Adjustment after a premature baby

Relishing and enjoying the comfort that you get when you are at your own home is a feeling on its own. You have to start caring for your baby in any way that you want. You have to feel that a real family has begun and you need to address that.

Well, this can be a pretty big adjustment for all the families out there. Even though the adjustment is big, your baby is going to need a lot of extra care because they are likely to encounter some problems like breathing issues and so on. Look for tips and guidelines on how to do premature baby care in the most efficient way.Premature Baby Care


Premature baby care is one thing that no one wishes for. However, caring for them and making them healthy should be the primary goal of yours in any manner. Keeping premature babies warm at home and maintain premature baby temperature range are a few necessary things that you have to look for while you are bringing premature baby home.

Rest, take care of yourself as well as your baby.

 “Enjoy your path to mom, Relish every moment”

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