Top 4 Saree Draping Style You Must Try

Saree Draping Style

Saree looks beautiful on any occasion. Every woman looks elegant in saree and everyone has their own style of wearing it. It is worn in a different part of India in different ways. So, what’s your style of draping saree?

1. Athpourey Saree Style

Saree Draping Style

Athpourey Style is one of the famous saree drapping style, this is the style of Bengal. This saree is draped without pleats. And putting the keys on the end of the pallu which gives exotic look.

2. Nauvari Saree Style

Saree Draping Style

Nauvari Saree is the traditional way of drapping saree in Maharashtra. The upper part is worn like a normal saree and bottom saree worn around the legs like a dhoti. You can pair it with the traditional nose pin which gives proper Marathi look.

3. Pleated Saree Style

Saree Draping Style

Plated saree is one of the common saree draping style. It is the elegant and easiest drape style. It is best suited for Kanjeevaram and cotton sarees and you can carry this drapping style easily. This style can be wear in the wedding as well as in casual wear.

4. Sidha Pallu Saree Style

Saree Draping style

Sidha pallu saree is the famous draping style of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. It is drape in such a way that it covers the front and pallu is taken from the right side. In Gujrat, women use a Banarsi or a heavy silk saree. This style looks beautiful on lehnga.

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