Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is basically a feeling of jealousy and competition that strikes down between brothers and sisters. When you have more than one kid, sibling rivalry becomes quite common. The effects of sibling rivalry stay for a pretty long time in the mind of the parents as well as the kids.

Sibling rivalry

The question is – why do siblings fight each other? Well, there are many answers to that and it varies from one child to another. Uncommon opinion, competition, etc give rise to this process.  The problem starts after the second kid of the family is born. It continues throughout the childhood span for the kids and can turn out to be stressful and frustrating for most of the parents.

On the bright side, there are tons of things that parents can do to help their lads move along better with one another. Along with that, they can also teach them to work together on the conflicts. This will also help in building a close and strong relationship between you and your kid. Additionally, it will also add up qualities of cooperation with your children.

Why do siblings fight each other?

There are a lot of reasons that contribute to sibling rivalry. Some of them are:

  • Every kid is in competition and looking for a chance to define themselves as an individual. As soon as they find it, they look up to know their talents and interests. They want to put forward every single detail that makes them different from their siblings.
  • Sometimes, kids tend to feel the lack of attention. They feel that their parents are being partial and sparing them less attention than they should.
  • Other effects of sibling rivalry are the fact that they feel threatened when the new baby arrives.
  • The development stage of your kid is very important and that will show their maturity and their capacity to share attention and gel along with each other.
  • Another pick fighting technique is to not know how to get the attention of their sibling. As a result of this, a fight leads the way.Sibling Rivalry
  • Some of the times, the reason behind the frustration is hunger and boredom. They don’t have any activities to do and therefore, end up fighting with one another.
  • One of the primary reasons that bring sibling rivalry is when they are not given proper and enjoyable time to spend with their parents. This factor engages more conflicts.
  • The treatment that parents show their kids is another reason that gives rise to conflicts between siblings. Kids love joy and fun and parents should make sure that their kids are prone to it.Sibling Rivalry
  • Make sure to not create a very stressful environment in front of your kids. These factors decrease their ability to take on frustration and results in causing more conflicts.

Now, the answer to why do siblings fight each other is quite clear now. Follow and make sure to abide by them in order to be the best version of yourself in front of your kids.

Sibling rivalry solutions

There are a lot of things that parents can do to solve the fight happening between the kids. Some of the ways are:

  1. Whenever you see your siblings fighting or the fight to go all the way to physical violence or verbal, make sure to act. Have a conversation with your children and find out what is going on in their mind. Provide them solutions like:Sibling Rivalry
  • Stop the teaser by saying enough is enough
  • Fully ignore the teasing
  • Ask the babysitter to help through
  1. Construct a system that will allow you to share the privileges with your kids. In short, a factor that will turn down such events like:
  • Which one will push the elevator button
  • Who will get to pick their television show
  • Whom is going to decide the venue for lunch or dinner?
  1. Make a theory that will help in teaching the kids about the facts that will help them to understand the positive as well as the negative consequences.

These are some of the sibling rivalry solutions that parents can abolish in order to help their kids get on the right track.Sibling Rivalry

How does sibling rivalry affect the family?

 Sibling rivalry can result in a lot of downfalls that a family has to go through. There are lots of bad results that come up as a result of sibling rivalry making it very stressful for parents. Apart from that, the healthy environment of being at home is ruined too.Sibling Rivalry

The disinterest and lack of doing anything else just goes off as all you can concentrate on is how and why the fight happens in the first place. The after effects of sibling rivalry is something that parents have to pay for at the end. Hence, the whole decorum and the peace is shattered in no time.

How can you help your kids get along?

There are many ways using which you can avoid sibling rivalry and slow down the effects of it as well.

  • The first thing that you might want to keep in mind is that, when you have two kids, don’t go for favourites.
  • Have fun with your kids and know about their talents individually. Don’t compare one with the other.
  • Teach the right way to your kids about how to become positive and gain attention. Show them the different ways to interact with kids.
  • Be fair with your kids, it is very important that you treat your children equally and in the right manner. Show them that you love them equally and in case they fail to understand, prove it to them.
  • Plan the activities keeping in mind the fun that the kids will have. Give equal importance to your kids and know about their preferences.
  • Give time and space to each child individually. They must get what they want and the way they want it to happen. Give them a chance to open up and show their ability up front.Sibling Rivalry

Bottom line

 Sibling rivalry is very common in families where there more than one kid. The effects of sibling rivalry in the house is sure not a very fun thing to be a part of but as parents, it is you who has to solve the issues and make sure your kids get whatever they want and in the right time.

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