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The Path To Motherhood – Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Ninth month of pregnancy

This is the ninth month of pregnancy and the time has come for your ‘pregnancy term’ to be over. You must be eagerly waiting to hold the little one in your hand and enjoy the joy of motherhood. By the starting of the ninth month, your body and mind prepare for the delivery and nature sends signals to prepare you for the motherhood.

The Path To Motherhood – Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

What to expect in the ninth month of pregnancy

By the ninth month of Pregnancy, your body would get used to all the pregnancy symptoms. It’s just that it is toughest to pass the ninth month as you eagerly wait to hold your baby.

  • Food cravings and appetite

    Even in the ninth month of pregnancy, you would experience food cravings and also feel hungry all the time. Satisfy your cravings and eat well balanced and nutrient-rich food to provide proper nutrition to yourself and your little one.

  • Relief from heartburn and indigestion

    During the ninth month of pregnancy, you would experience relief from heartburn and indigestion which you have been experiencing throughout pregnancy. The fetus moves downward and drops in the pelvic region preparing your body for labour.

  • Belly size

    By the end of the ninth month of pregnancy, your belly size grows big enough and makes it very inconvenient to move around. Due to the enlarged abdomen, you would experience lower back pain and completing your daily activity will also become a task. Stretch marks are visible and belly skin becomes dry and very itchy. Keep your skin well moisturized.Ninth month of pregnancy

  • Oedema

    During the ninth month of pregnancy, you may experience swelling in your legs, ankles, arms, and even face. Wear loose comfortable clothing and lie down by resting your feet on a pillow. Avoid sitting long on chairs and take frequent breaks.

  • Insomnia

    By the ninth month of pregnancy, you must have become well used to sleepless nights or nights with frequent wake ups. Try to sleep on your left side supported by cushions. Keep yourself calm, relaxed and listen to soothing music before going to sleep. Take frequent naps during the day to catch on sleep and rest your body.

  • Braxton Hicks Contractions

    You must have been experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions but the intensity and frequency increases during the ninth month of pregnancy. Changing positions and keeping yourself hydrated can give relief. If contractions are more than four in an hour or if you experience pain in the pelvic area or vaginal discharge then you should consult a doctor.

  • Leaky breasts

    Your body prepares yourself for nursing your baby. You may experience yellow, sticky colostrum leaking from your nipples. This is the initial milk for your baby after birth and is loaded with nutrients. Use nursing pads to avoid an embarrassing situation due to leaky breasts.

  • Vaginal discharge

    During the ninth month of pregnancy, the mucus plug that accumulates at the cervix may be discharged through the vagina. It may be clear or streaked with little blood. Vaginal discharge is normal but if it is yellow and smells odd then consult your doctor.

  • Frequent urination

    In the ninth month of pregnancy, you would experience all the more frequent urination as compared to earlier months as the baby moves down in the pelvic region and pushes the bladder. You would feel like visiting the washroom every few minutes. Make sure to empty your bladder when you pee. Keep yourself well hydrated and do not cut on liquids to avoid urinary tract infections.

  • Baby movements

    Once the baby moves down in the pelvic region and takes the birthing position, there is little room for the baby to move around. But the baby would now have a regular pattern of sleep and being active. The baby ’s kick now experienced would be prominent. Keep observing your fetal activity and count kicks per hour. Consult your doctor if there is a sudden decrease in fetal movement.

The most exciting part – Development of the baby during the ninth month of pregnancy

The little one grows very fast and by the end of the ninth month of pregnancy, it prepares itself for the birth. The baby starts gaining weight and matures itself with every passing week.

The little sound of happiness                   

Length of the baby: around 18 – 20 inches long.

The weight of the baby: around 3.2 kg.

Baby development during the ninth month of pregnancy

  • From the onset of the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby starts steadily gaining weight especially in week 35 to 37.
  • Baby gains fat around its arms and legs and muscles become stronger.
  • Baby loses most of the lanugo and the vernix.
  • Bones of the baby are developed but amazingly skull bones are soft to help the baby pass through the narrow birth canal.
  • Baby moves down in the pelvic region but the cervix isn’t dilated enough to trigger labour pain or contractions.Ninth month of pregnancy

What to expect at the doctor’s office

The Ob/Gyn would conduct regular tests during the ninth month of pregnancy.

  • The Doctor would record your blood pressure and your weight.
  • A Urine sample will be collected and checked for proteins or any bacterial infection.
  • Blood sugar levels will also be tested for gestational diabetes.
  • Fetal growth, heartbeat, and fetal position will be checked.
  • During the ninth month of pregnancy, you would visit your doctor every week.

Diet during the ninth month of pregnancy

By the ninth month of pregnancy, you would be feeling hungry all the time and maybe even eating out for two people. Pay attention to the quality and quantity of food. Eat a well-balanced diet which provides all the essential nutrients for you and your baby.

  • Emphasize more on nutrients for the overall development of your little one. Essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals are required. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Take enough amount of dairy products for calcium and also include proteins in your diet.
  • Avoid eating large meals but eat small meals at frequent intervals and keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices.

Ninth month of pregnancy

Some of the significant things that you must include in your diet plan are as follows:

What should you eat? What should you avoid eating?
· Include Folic Acid and vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, iodine etc. in your diet by including broccoli, dark green vegetables, and citrus fruits ·  Don’t eat food accounting for two people
· Eat more leafy vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to fibre. ·  Say entirely “NO” to alcohol and Smoking.
· Include whole grain foods, brans, and cereals. · Limit your caffeine content
· Increase the amount of calcium in your diet and increase your daily intake like milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese etc. ·  Stop eating greasy, spicy and junk food. Avoid high sodium content by saying no to packed foods
· Increase protein intake by taking more legumes, pulses etc. · Ban out bacteria

Precautions during the ninth month of pregnancy

  • During the ninth month of pregnancy, as the delivery date nears, keep yourself calm and relaxed.
  • Keep yourself well nourished by eating fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, dairy products and pulses. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid constipation.
  • Take frequent breaks and rest with your feet high.
  • Sleep on the left side and always support your back with cushions.
  • Maintain good posture while sitting or walking to avoid back and leg pain in the future.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
  • Avoid sudden movements or you may feel dizzy and lose balance.
  • Avoid lifting weights completely.
  • Do breathing exercises regularly to calm yourself.

Common concerns during the ninth month of pregnancy

  • Identifying the signs when labour begins. Some of the early signs include vaginal discharge, extreme lower backache or when your water breaks.
  • Water breaking means amniotic sac gets ruptured before contractions begin. Usually, this fluid is colourless and odourless but immediately consult a doctor if it is green or smells.
  • Meconium consists of water, lanugo, bile salts etc. and is considered as baby’s first stool and is ideally passed out after birth. It is a thick and sticky substance. But sometimes, the baby may inhale or aspirate this causing Meconium Aspiration syndrome. This can be a severe condition depending on the amount inhaled as it blocks the baby’s airways.

Reminder to keep in your mind



Ninth month of pregnancy Ninth month of pregnancy Ninth month of pregnancy

Here is the ninth-month pregnancy Tip

Ninth month of pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy is soon going to end with a beautiful gift to cherish for the lifetime. Enjoy this month and take care of yourself and the baby. Think positive and keep thinking of a smooth delivery and prepare yourself for a great parenthood.

“Enjoy your Path to Mom. Relish every moment!”

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