Different Types Of Sofa

Types of Sofa

Every home and office needs Sofa. Choose the best sofas for your home and office according to space and your style. So, go through this article to look out different types of Sofa and select the perfect sofa.

1. Camelback Sofa

Types of Sofa

Camelback Sofas gives a royal look to home, it is a perfect addition to any living space. This classic sofa never goes out of style. It is very comfortable to sit on and came in many styles and colours.

2. Tuxedo Sofa

Types of Sofa

Tuxedo sofa is also known as a straight back sofa. In this style, the backrest of the sofa is levelled with the height of the armrests. These sofas are mostly used in offices, casual conference areas, lobby and reception areas, in addition to living rooms and residential spaces.

3. Modular Sofa

Types of Sofa

The modular sofa is stylish and modern sofa style it is a very popular style of seating. In Modular sofa is a style you can create your own combination, so you get exactly what you want according to your need and space.

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