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Upper Abdominal Pain When Pregnant: Causes And Remedies

Upper Abdominal Pain during pregnancy

Upper abdominal pain when pregnant is a common discomfort. The pregnancy period comes with a wide range of differentiated experience which might be more or less predictable or unpredictable. Due to changes in the body, a woman experience symptoms which might be natural or due to some stimuli.

Abdominal pain or cramp is one of the normal symptoms but can be scary for a woman who experiences the pain very often. It might be a normal pain but it is better to get it timely diagnosed and to take proper treatment and not choosing to ignore the symptoms or take it lightly.

Causes of upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

Common issues

Causes of Upper Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

The pain felt at the time of pregnancy is not necessarily a serious indication. Sometimes it can be a sign of a normal pregnancy. With the passage of time of the pregnancy, the pain in the abdomen is due to the continuous stretching of the uterus. The stretching of the uterus might impose pressure on the internal organs such as stomach which hinders the digestion process resulting in gastric trouble. Other common issues can be gas in the stomach, constipation or diarrhoea, and bloating. These issues are really common and don’t need much attention.
Whatever the case is, mothers’ should not go for hit or trial method and should not diagnose the problem herself. She should visit her gynaecologist at regular intervals and tell her the problem arising due to pain for proper advice.

Serious issues

Abdominal pain during pregnancy is not always because of the bloating of the stomach or due to the expansion of the uterus, but it can be due to some complications which are mentioned below. It might be dangerous if the symptoms are left unattended during pregnancy.

Kidney infection

If the kidney infection is not treated on time, it holds the tendency to spread to other parts. If the pain in the upper abdomen is increasing and there is an infection in the kidney, there might be a possibility the infection spreading to other connecting vessels. Symptoms are fever, chills, micturition, and upper abdominal pain.

Proper medication and frequent visit to the gynaecologist is mandatory.

HELLP Syndrome

HELLP is an acronym of Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzyme Level, and Low Platelet Count. It can be a very dangerous situation which can even cause death. The symptoms can be fatigue, headache, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, swelling, blurry vision, and bleeding in gums.


Pregnant moms can experience low blood pressure and can also develop hypertension as a result of changes in the secretion of some hormones and due to a disturbance in the vessels. The fluctuating blood pressure affects the kidney, brain, liver and other organs. The evidence on clinical diagnosis is protein leakages in urine, swelling, and severe headaches. The pregnancy complications can be abortion or stillbirth. The symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, facial swelling, blurred vision and upper abdominal pain.


Pain in upper abdomen also arises due to cholecystitis. It happens when the gallbladder is infected as a result of stones and other inflammations. The symptoms of Cholecystitis include nausea, vomiting, and fever. Pain can also be severe in this case in which medical intervention is mandatory.


Stones in the gallbladder which might be inflammatory is a serious disorder. The pain can be extreme during this condition in the upper abdomen too.

Remedies for upper abdomen pain during pregnancy

Abdomen pain can be relieved with some simple and easy measures. The pain can be cured easily if it is a general one but the mommy needs to consult her doctor if the pain is severe and constant or is due to some complications in her body that can result in complications in her pregnancy.

Five easy and simple ways by which you can cure your abdominal pain




There is no need to worry if to-be-mommies are experiencing abdominal pain, as having a sharp eye over the changes and experience in the body can be a precautionary measure and can keep them healthy and can keep them away from the complications arising due to negligence.

“Enjoy your Path to Mom, Relish every moment”

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