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What To Eat And Avoid After A Miscarriage

What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

Pregnancy, as well as miscarriage, gives a lot of toll to the mother’s body. After miscarriage or abortion also, the woman needs to take proper rest and has to take care of her body to recover fast. Diet plays an important role in helping the body recovering fast. Deciding what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage is a difficult task. Hence, the following article will help you and guide what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage as well as Indian diet after a miscarriage, eat after abortion and Indian diet after abortion.

What to eat and avoid after a miscarriage

Food to eat after miscarriage

  • Iron-rich foods

    The woman after miscarriage may feel fatigued or anaemic. Bleeding in miscarriage causes deficiency of iron in the body. To maintain the iron level in the body which has reduced due to the bleeding, it is suggested by the doctors to consume iron-rich food to the maximum.

The Iron is further classified into heme iron and non-heme iron. Food that is consumed from animal sources is rich in heme iron. For example, red meats, poultry, fish, seafood, etc. Whereas the food consumed from plant sources are rich in non-heme iron. For example, green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds contain non-heme iron.

For the vegetarians who prefer Indian diet after a miscarriage, iron-rich is considered one of the best option for them. The women who consume both, plant-based food as well as meat, are consuming iron from both plant and animal sources. For people who prefer pure vegetarian food can opt for dal with whole-wheat roti or basmati rice as it is also very much rich in iron.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Food rich in Calcium

    The calcium which is reserved in the body is used at the time of pregnancy by the body to form the healthy heart, nerves, bones, and teeth of the fetus. If a woman has a miscarriage, the woman may suffer from calcium deficiency as all the calcium in the body has come out along with the pregnancy tissue. To cover this loss, one has to make proper choices of what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage. At some places, it is mandatory to consume calcium-rich food after a miscarriage. The food considered as calcium-rich foods are dark green leafy vegetables, dairy products, fish like sardines and salmon, and dry fruits.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Food rich in folate

    The women around the globe try to conceive again after miscarriages. If the woman is trying to conceive after a miscarriage, then it is highly suggested to have as much as folate-rich food as you can. It is one of the best solutions for women if they are following the Indian diet after a miscarriage or Indian diet after abortion. Folate is usually found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, citrus fruits, lentils, peas, avocado, lady finger, squashes, Brussels sprouts, seeds, and nuts. Some of the famous folate-rich Indian dishes are Palak, Bhindi curry, chole etc.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Food rich in protein

    Protein works in cell repairing by taking the form of certain amino acid. Therefore, one should see first what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage and also discuss it with a doctor first. Protein-rich diet includes food items such as eggs, lean meats, seafood, milk, cheese, yogurt, lentils, and poultry. The main sources of protein for vegetarians are mainly lentils, dairy products, and grains like quinoa, and buckwheat. It is a good solution for women having an Indian diet after abortion.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Mood-lifting foods

    The taste of the food helps a lot in enhancing the mood of anyone. Hence we can say that food can also be considered a mood booster. The after effects of miscarriage may include depression. The trauma of miscarriage through which a woman has gone through can lead to a deficiency of magnesium which is somewhere also linked to depression. Foods items such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, avocado, and legumes like peas, lentils, chickpeas etc. are rich in magnesium which must be included in Indian diet after a miscarriage. It is also helpful for the people who follow the Indian diet after abortion.

  • Nuts

    Nuts are loaded with a number of nutrients that may help the body of the women to recover faster after the miscarriage. Nuts have a lot of vitamin E, iron, magnesium, folate, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in them. They are also considered a good source of fiber. Though nuts are considered beneficial, they are to be consumed in proper quantity as it contains a high amount of fats and calories. It is a perfect food to eat after abortion. The Indian diet after a miscarriage of a woman won’t be affected due to this.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are always considered as the best part of the diet we follow. Hence it is observed that the women comparatively fewer chances of having a miscarriage in future pregnancy compared to those who don’t include fruits and vegetables in their Indian diet after a miscarriage.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Vitamin C-rich foods

    The maximum consumption of vitamin C can be done from the citrus fruits. Citrus fruits include papaya, grapefruits, oranges, and strawberries. These fruits are considered as a great source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is very much necessary for the absorption of iron by the body. One should definitely consult your doctor for advice on what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage and what fruits are good for you and which ones you should avoid eating while recovering from a miscarriage.

Foods to avoid after miscarriage

There are some foods that are very unhealthy and can cause harm if consumed excessively if one consumes or eat after abortion.  Following are some of the foods which suggest what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage.

  • Junk and fast foods

    Junk and fast foods, though tasty but has a lot of calories and fats in them. This kind of food can give a lot of toll to the body while digesting it. Some example of junk and fast food are kachoris, panipuris, samosas, chips, French fries, potato wedges, pizzas, burgers, doughnuts etc. This food can lead to heart disease or obesity as it contains trans-fat that causes inflammation in the body. So here there is no question of what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage as this kind of food is not to eat after abortion.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

  • Foods with high carbohydrate content and low fiber

    Processed food is super rich with refined carbohydrates which is harmful to the body to a great extent.  This kind of food is very much high on carbohydrates whereas very much low in fiber especially in Indian diet after a miscarriage. Processed food items include noodles, instant rice, Indian snacks like biscuits, halwa, cutlets, and Indian bread like naan, paratha, kulcha etc. are made of refined white flour. Hence this kind of food is to be avoided. One must also consult the doctor for what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage. Instead of processed carbs, one must opt for complex carbs. Complex carbs include food like brown rice and oatmeal to boost your Indian diet after a miscarriage.

  • Consumption of soy products

    Consumption of soy is the major source of protein in the vegetarian diet. But the consumption of soy products comes in the way of absorption of iron from an Indian diet after abortion which may lead to iron deficiency. So, one must limit the consumption of soy protein so that the body can absorb the iron and the balance of iron and protein is maintained post miscarriage.

  • Sweets and sugary items

    Sweets and sugary foods can lead to various issues and complications in the human body. The sweet and sugary items can cause major fluctuations in your blood sugar levels which leads to shooting up of the blood sugar level alarmingly. This fluctuation of blood sugar levels may slow down the healing process. Hence one must avoid sweet and sugary items, especially during food after a miscarriage.

  • Dairy and meat with high-fat content

    There are chances of having inflammation or the pain may intensify if one continues to consume dairy products which are full of fat. One must avoid the dairy as well as meat products as much as possible. One must instead opt for lean meats or skimmed milk but that also to some extent and also consult your doctor about what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage. The recovery period after a miscarriage of the woman is highly influenced by the dietary consumption of the woman. So one must carefully decide what to eat and avoid after a miscarriage and opt for healthy options.What To Eat and Avoid After a Miscarriage

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