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Why Babies Cry?

Why Babies Cry

It gets really tough to get control over crying babies. In reality, babies are totally dependent on you for everything. They get all their needs like food, warmth, and comfort that they need from you. When your baby cries, it is their way of making communication with you so that you can easily take care of their needs and give them all the attention and care that they are in need of.

Why babies cry – Crying babies and how to soothe them

There are many reasons to why babies cry and it is very normal for newborn baby crying. When you have more than one child, it will become a lot hard for you to find and console each of them. But as soon as your baby starts to grow, they learn all the different ways to make communication with you. For example, they will start making eye contact with you and even make some noise to get your attention.
This article will tell you about all the basic reasons why babies cry, how to soothe crying babies, why do babies cry at night and so on.

Why Babies Cry

Why babies cry?

There can be a lot of reasons behind crying babies. Crying is actually the primary way in which they make their communication with their parents. Crying is their way of usually showing their attention and expressing their requirements. At first, it is surely going to be a difficult job for you to understand the ways behind the crying of your baby. All of it becomes a lot easy to understand once you start to listen and spend more time on them. You will see that you can understand their specific requirements and are capable of meeting their needs too.

Why Babies CrySome of the very common reasons why babies cry is:

  • Gas
  • The anxiety of fear of anything
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue or sleeplessness
  • Illness or pain
  • Dirty diapers
  • Acid reflux
  • Overstimulation

How to soothe crying babies

Crying babies can be a tough job to handle and soothing them in the right way is another battle. However, since you don’t know the hidden reasons behind why your baby is crying, you have to find out the reason on how to soothe crying babies.

Why Babies Cry

With time, you will figure out the best ways to soothe them and get control of the techniques that are going to work best for them.
Here are some of the ways on how to soothe crying babies:

Play some sound constantly

Your heartbeat is very familiar to your child. She probably loved it when she was held so close to you. Outside noises that your crying babies come across might not be very familiar to them as a reason of which, they end up crying. This is why making constant sound will help in soothing your baby. Use toys that make a sound or use raindrops sound from your phone to calm them.

Try massaging

Unscented massage oils specifically made for babies are a great way to massage them as well as to keep their crying temperature down.
Gently rubbing the massage oils on the back of your baby or in a clockwise direction can help in calming them down when they are crying. When you rub the oil calmly on their tummy, it also helps them in digestion. Hence, if digestion is the reason behind crying babies, massaging them is a great option.

Why Babies Cry

Can a baby die from too much crying?

Well, first of all, try all the possible ways using which you can calm your baby. In most of the cases, they cry due to the reasons mentioned. Hence, getting a fix is not a big deal. However, in some cases, there are chances that the babies keep on crying for quite a time and don’t stop. Long-time and continued crying produces cortisol that is capable of even damaging the brain of your baby. Crying is completely normal for babies but they get no response in return, that is where the problem starts.

Can a baby hurt themselves by crying?

If crying babies are left unattended for a long time, there are chances that they will end up hurting themselves.

Why Babies Cry

Therefore, you should make sure that your baby is always on the crib. Don’t leave them openly on the bed, crying. They might roll down to the other side and end up falling and hurting themselves. In fact, don’t leave your baby unattended at all.

Why do babies cry for no reason?

Well, the truth is: babies never cry just because they want to. They always cry because they need something or if they are trying to make a communication.

Why Babies Cry

This becomes one of the primary causes for parents to not respond to their babies. They eventually find out that their crying babies are neither hungry nor are in pain. This makes them draw the conclusion that their babies are crying for no reason at all. Well, time to bid adieu to the fallacy as that is not 0.1% of the truth.

Why do babies cry at night?

Crying babies often get all cranky when they get up all of a sudden in the middle of the night. Even the best sleepers start to have issues, to begin with. Anxiety is a cause that keeps babies awake and leads them to cry at night. That is exactly when you should be there to support them and take care of them. Also, make sure that your little baby is getting enough amount of sleep in general. The less sleep they receive, the harder it gets for them.

Why Babies Cry

How to calm a crying baby in 15 seconds? 

The technique, according to Hamilton, is also known as “The Hold” and is a four-step process to follow. This will calm your crying baby in 15 seconds.

  • Take your baby and fold their arm right across their chest.
  • Properly secure the arms of the baby using your hands after you have them folded. That hand is also going to support the chin of your baby.
  • Now, hold the bottom of your baby using the hands that are dominant. To make it more secure, use the fleshy part of your hand.
  • Rock your baby by positioning them in 45-degrees. Swipe them up down or you can even shake them. Avoid any sort of jerky movements.

Why Babies Cry

Following all of it is surely going to calm your crying babies and will definitely help you in getting along with them.

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